Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There are worse things I could do...

Than not getting cast in a musical or two. I could be stuck at work on inauguration day trying to get rights to songs for the musical I didn't get cast in, while trying to get the office computers to stream the inauguration...with sound. And fielding ticket inquiries for the said musical I didn't get cast in. That is the sucky part about auditioning for the theatre you work for. If you don't get cast, you can't avoid the show. Not even apparently for five minutes while you decide how upset you are that you didn't get cast.

At least I am in good company. Some of the most talented ladies I know auditioned and fought hard last night and didn't get in. Sigh.

I am really excited my friend Sabrina got a role, she has worked really hard on her acting and singing and this is her first "real" part. Her emphasis, not mine. She has been a featured dancer in many a show, she just doesn't consider that real even though it is. So congrats to the talented ladies who made it into the pink ladies. I'll be sitting here selling tickets and aquiring right when I should be home watching history happen.

Oh, wait, I just got sound. Yay!

Shit there's the phone. Do I have to answer it?

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Julie said...

Oh man, I'm so sorry! The worst part about being an actress, hands down, is the rejection. It never gets easier does it? And I can't even imagine how awful it is when you can't avoid it and go wallow in your own misery for a few hours!
I remember in high school I failed a test (Biology or Chemistry, I can't remember), because I was cast as an understudy in Steel Magnolias and I couldn't stop crying long enough to see the test. Of course, later the girl I was understudying moved and I got to play M'Lynn.
So just remember what they said in Showgirls, "there's always someone younger and hungrier behind you on the stairs";) Maybe someone will have to drop out and they will turn to their fantastic office employee!