Thursday, January 22, 2009

I hate cedar

I am in full-blown cedar fever misery. Itchy eyes, faucet nose, scratchy throat, general body misery. Crankiness. I hate allergies. And I hate having to promise not to cook meth when I need some claritin D at the pharmacy. Jackson is also suffering and I needed some motrin cold syrup for him and some claritin D for me. Both of which have Pseudephedrine in them.

And you have to beg at the pharmacy for this non-prescription item. I feel bad for the pharmacists who have to dole out the stuff with rules so convoluted they can't even say if you can buy cold medicine for both you and your kid until the scanner computes the exact amount of pseuephedrine you are attempting to buy, swipes your drivers license and you sign the 'I promise' line. I did get both meds, I didn't have to choose between fixing my nose and Jackson's. And as the pharmacist said, when looking at my red nose and generally miserable cedar disposition, "I doubt you are going home to start the world's smallest meth lab in your kitchen."

Right. I'm not. Can we please stop with the Sudafed gestapo? Please make the rules a little less strict. Let me have more than 10 claritin D at once please. Must I write my legislator to beg for some common sense? Do legislators not have colds and allergies? Do they never have to jump through their own hoops for some sudafed? They probably just send someone else out for some. Bastards.

Jackson, of his own accord, peed in the potty standing up yesterday. He went in to pee, saw the seat was up and gave it a try. He only made a small mess. After he was done he turned to me and said, "Peeing while you're standing is a lot easier, isn't it mommy?" Sadly, I wouldn't know. I suppose it is easier, thus the line-size difference outside the bathrooms.

Gotta go see what's for dinner. All members of this household are allergic messes, so something simple is in order.


Anonymous said...

Marsha, I have been suffering from Allergies terribly latey.....I have tons of Clariron can have it. I cannot take that stuff.
WE always get it at Sams, it is alot cheaper and comes in a big package...and they never give you trouble just put it in your cart and pay for it..easy as that.....
Hope you feel better soon,

Ronni said...

I want some!

I have never had cedar fever, so I don't know if I've suddenly got it, or if this is an old-fashioned cold. Still, I'm with you, Marsha, about signing for the Sudafed! I am an elder, and I just want something to fix my nose without standing in line with a bunch of other impatient, snargling folks, just to get a bit of relief.

This time, I tried to skip the line, and bought some other stuff, instead, but it's not working!