Thursday, January 15, 2009

I got my hair cut this week and Maria showed me what it looks like when I blow it straight instead of letting it curl/feather. So I have a bit of an improvement on the floppy, growing-my-hair-out hair. It won't be long before I actually have a bob. That will be nice. When I don't have so many layers, but more one length or at least long layers. I still don't know what the plan is with it. Keep it above my shoulders or grow it longer? I doubt I will grow it down my back like before. Just would seem like trying to go back instead of forward. But I would like to be able to pull it back, put it up in some way. And I need to go buy a brush. I don't have one if you can believe that. I have a round brush, but I threw my other brushes away when my hair fell out. Figured I didn't need them and I used to by cheapo brushes new every year or so anyway, so by the time I needed one again, I could get a new one. And I need a different kind of brush now. I have different hair. So it is time for a new brush. A Sally trip is in order.

I took Jackson to buy shoes at the outlet mall last week and took a few pics of him riding on the $.50 rides conveniently placed outside the kid stores. He makes me laugh. He sits nicely with what, to him, must be some strange animal statues.

Aaaand he puts his hand in one of their mouths. I guess an open mouth invites you to stick your hand in it.

So how bout that plane crashing into the Hudson river and no one getting killed? I am a huge fan of the pilot right now. Nice work. That must have been terrifying, but what an awesome ending.

Tomorrow night marks the return of Battlestar Galactica and we may finally learn the answers to the questions that have been plaguing us. I can't wait, but I will be sad when the series is truly over. Sigh.


Fire Berry said...

yay Battlestar, thanks for turning me on to it! OH, and your hair looks GREAT!

Julie said...

Your hair looks so cute like that, love it!

David said...

Who is that sexy woman? If I wasn't married I'd go after her.

Anonymous said...

Marsha, I love your hair like that alot.
It looks gorgous..