Monday, January 12, 2009

My talk was a success!

I attended the PEO luncheon today and had a great time. The ladies were all so nice and welcoming and kept saying "Oh hi, are you the program today?" And though I worried I wouldn't have enough to talk about to rate being THE Program, I talked for at least 45 minutes, maybe more. It was pretty easy to talk about theatre. And the ladies asked great questions that led to more talking. And I was quite comfortable and only had slight issued accessing my vocabulary. I had a good time and I am so glad I did it.

I am really worn out now. I spent some time at my mom's after work helping sort out a few things with their laptop. With working several hours on my presentation last night and on my mom's computer tonight, I am computered out. I didn't sleep well last night, probably from nerves about today. So I am hoping I crash as soon as I hit the bed and don't wake up till morning.

Right now calls for a cup of hot tea - decaf and a good book.

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Thespian Xenophile said...

Not even a bit surprised you did so well.

You're an amazing public speaker, and yet, you are humble enough to still get nervous beforehand.

I will never forget the pre-marathon race crowd last reduced a room of 500 adults to tears with your story.