Monday, December 15, 2008

Success at the plastic surgeon

I have a new set of stitches on my cheek this evening. Blue thread. Yup. Blue. I asked the doc didn't he have some red or green for the holidays? But he didn't. So til next Monday i will sport blue stitches. Not all the way across the incision, just at the ends, the other stitches are internal. Not sure exactly how that works, but I don't have to know. That is what I pay the doctor for.

It was pretty quick and after the painful numbing process, it wasn't much more than uncomfortable. This afternoon, when the anesthesia wore off my face was pretty sore and throbby. But a darvocet took care of that and I am doing ok now. And the dimple is already gone. I don't look pretty, but I think I can see that this will eventually be an improvement to the scar I had. He oriented it more into my natural laugh line so that it should blend in there better. I don't know how these doctors know how to do that, but I am glad they do. Take a scar that I don't like so much and change where it points and how deep it is and turn it into a scar I like better. Cause there will be a scar. No getting around it. But I have hopes that after it heals it will be a reminder of what I have been through, but not something that distracts me every time I look in the mirror.

I just hope it doesn't hurt too much tomorrow. It seems to have the potential to hurt pretty good and I fear what sleeping on it will be like.

Jackson curled up on the couch with me this afternoon and snuggled up like he couldn't get warm. But he felt to me like a heat lamp. So I checked his temp aaaannnd it was 103. Shit. He wasn't complaining but he just wanted to lie on the couch with me and snuggle. It was about then that my cheek started hurting so I called David to see if he could come home a little early to help out. Jackson perked up after some tylenol and motrin brought down his fever. His voice is a little husky so I suspect he is fighting a cold. But it doesn't seem serious. If he has fever in the morning he won't be going to school. He probably shouldn't go anyway, not sure what the fever rules are. Is it 24 hours?

I don't have to go to work in the morning so we will most likely be staying home recovering, the both of us. Or maybe doing a little Christmas shopping if we feel up to it. Then to the Palace to work if we can manage it. Me and my stitches. If you see me out and about tomorrow, please don't stare. Or if you have to stare, please compliment my blue stitches and the blue eyeshadow I will likely wear to coordinate my look.


Fire Berry said...

glad you feel better about your beautiful face!

Ronni said...

WooHoo! Here's to Blue!