Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A plea for help

Jackson has been sick for the last couple of days. Running fever off an on and his voice is almost gone. Laryngitis, I guess. This morning his fever was gone but he started throwing up. So it was another day of no school and I stayed home from work to take care of him. my the afternoon he was doing much better and had stopped throwing up. He wanted desperately to get out of the house so we went shopping a little.

I was looking for gifts for my 5 and 7 year-old nieces. Wow. Is there nothing left in the world for little girls to wear that doesn't have Miley-effing-Cyrus's face on it? Really? Every damned top, dress, night gown, underwear, sweatshirt and toy has Miley's ass face plastered on it. (Oh wait, there were some things that didn't have Miley on the - all the High School Musical crap. But that is another rant.) WTF? I thought Britney Spears was talentless and over-exposed way back when. I didn't think there would ever be a teen girl more insidious, but from the loins of Mr. Achy Breaky sprang the star a new generation of kids can't escape no matter where they go or what they do.

All I have to say is, if we all collectively stop paying attention to Miley Cirus - stop buying her albums, clothing, Hannah Montana wigs and posters, lunch boxes tampons, etc. If we all, at the same time, start rejecting anything with her grinning mug on it, perhaps we can make her go away. What do you say folks? Can we all come together and make the world a better place? A place where we don't teach our kids that an ugly blond wig makes you unrecognizable and that mugging for the camera is just good acting? We can make a difference, you and me. We can end this now if we just try. What do you say?


Ellen said...

I'm out from lurking to say a whole hearty YES....NO MORE!!!!


Ronni said...

I am SO on this wagon!

And, while we're at it, let's boycott all the clothes and dolls that are SO inappropriate. All this "princess" stuff seems a step backward for those of us who burned our bras back in the 70s. And, since when do we dress our little girls as miniature tarts, in black lace, sequins and leopard print fabrics?

Whatever happened to allowing children to be children. Or insisting that children be children?