Monday, April 07, 2008

Hussy Dancing and Housework

I just got home from dance rehearsal. It went pretty well. We learned some 'hussy' dancing tonight and as I suspected, I am ok at this. From watching the mirror while we danced I learned an interesting personal fact. I discovered that I lead with my abdomen and if I simply pull my abs in and under, I look much, much better. Sounds easier that it is to do because the second I take my concentration elsewhere, there I go awkwardly leading with my belly again. I mentioned this to Lisa, the choreographer, and she told me that lots of women with young children do this regularly. And that makes sense if you imagine walking with a big pregnant belly. It starts there and continues with us carrying the kid on one hip, abs forward. Well, this might work well to balance the belly and/or the kid, but it sure doesn't look right for dancing. Especially hussy dancing. So that is my goal; fix my posture so I keep my abs pulled in and stand up strait. And learn to dance. Easy right?

So I totally forgot to talk about the most interesting part of my dinner at Benihana on Saturday. I ate my meal, including the rice, with chop sticks. Never before have I had interest in the chopsticks at an oriental restaurant. I always kind of chuckle a little, admire the couple of people using them and immediately head for the fork. But this time, I decided to try it and though it was not easy, I refrained from using the fork the entire meal. Why the change? I don't know. Maybe I have a need to try new things lately, having decided to be in a musical and learn to dance a little. Maybe I was drinking the fabulous margarita they served me and I felt a little adventurous. I don't know, but I felt like eating with the chopsticks and I did. I am impressed with me, aren't you?

Yesterday was another day of getting things done. Grocery store, lawn mowing and house work. In the midst of doing my third load of laundry, I got that little post-chemo giddiness I get occasionally when I realize I have been working for hours and can still (a) breathe, (b) bend down for something and stand back up without support and (c) do a little I'm not sick dance between loads. Such an accomplishment it seems to be able to clean my own damned house. I'm sure the fun will fade soon enough.

In fact, I have a sink full of dishes since I had to run out after dinner to head to rehearsal. So I guess I better get to it.

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