Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dinner and Del Castillo

Dance rehearsal today went better. I at least had more appropriate shoes on for the tap stuff. And I think I can get it - I can do all the steps, just not at the speed of the music yet. But I think with practice I will get it. However, I don't believe that high kicks are in my future and you know what? I am ok with that.

We had dinner at Benihana tonight with David's folks and their friends for his mom's birthday. It was really good, pretty much what Tokyo Steakhouse does, just a little more expensive. We'll stick with Tokyo Steakhouse since it is in Round Rock and as good or better on everything. But we ate too much and had fun. And it was nice to have dinner out without a two-year-old to care for.

Mary came and picked up Jackson at about 4:30 and took him with her to the Nutty Brown Cafe for dinner and the Del Castillo early show. Mary is friends with the base player and they had VIP Passes and got to hang out with the band. Apparently Jackson became a sideshow of his own because of his amazing dancing ability. Mary claims that he was dancing from the minute the band started to the last song and he was even breakdancing a little. She says a crowd formed around him to watch him. Mary took pictures and I will post some when I get them. My kid is so much cooler than his mom already - out with Del Castillo on a Saturday night at two-years-old. They are playing an early show next Saturday at Austin City Hall. Perhaps we could go with Jackson and he could introduce us to the band.


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my grandson, the party animal. He must have gotten that from his Omi, in my younger years of ,I think it is too funny. I want pics asap.
And maybe Jackson can introduce us all to the band..Kris is totally jelous....

Ronni said...

Aidan did that when Jim and I took him to Frontier Days at two. He was right down in front, and the band and their wives just ate him up! He was just boppin' around, with his little diapered butt a-bouncin' to all that two steppin' old time music.

(sshh...don't tell Chandra...)