Friday, April 18, 2008

Great News

I sent an email to the Round Rock Relay for Life organizers introducing myself as the Chemo Queen and asking if they were interested in adding me as a speaker. The lady in charge checked out my blog and story and called me to enthusiastically invite me to speak both at the Survivor Dinner and again later on the field! She said they were really excited about showing how you can get through this and keep going and living and continuing to laugh at it all, even when things suck and the Chemo Queen fits right into that.

She said there may be as many as 2000 people at the main event. That makes me nervous as hell, but I asked for it and now I have to deliver. Ronni at A Cut Above Costumes is going to see if we can't get me into the red dress I wanted to wear the last time I talked. If I can get into that dress, I could give a speech to the United Nations if I had to. So wish me luck. Both with the dress and the speechifying.

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Jooley Ann said...

So exciting! Good luck!!