Saturday, February 02, 2008

WTF? No Spellchecker?

Jackson is on the upswing I think. It is a lingering illness though. He threw up again in the middle of the night last night, but has seemed fine all day today. Except he really hasn't eaten much of anything in days. Hopefully his appetite will improve soon. Tomorrow I plan to really try to get some food into him.

I did go to the Team In Training kick off party on Thursday. I was pretty impressed with the number of people that signed up to train for an event. There were people who looked like runners and triathletes and there were normal-looking people too. Not sure what makes people decide to up and run a marathon. I guess the test of endurance is attractive. But not one part of me has any interest in actually running a marathon. I figure I have tested my endurance. Once through 13 hours of unmedicated labor and birth and then two years later through 18 weeks of chemotherapy. My endurance has been good and tested, but I will sure be happy to cheer on and admire those who are choosing to go for it and raise money for LLS.

At the event a cancer survivor named Meg Brown spoke about her experience with Lymphoma at the age of 22. She is five years in remission now and does a lot of speaking. She spoke with such grace and humor and ease. Really showed me how it's done. I definitely need to take a page from her book and really personalize my story. I have some work to do if I want to become a good public speaker. I think I can do it, but I do need practice.

Today I met with Joni for a short photo shoot. I need a picture to send to Coping Magazine and just wanted to get a few shots of the way I look now, with one inch of hair. We took some Chemo Queen shots and some normal shots and hopefully we have some good ones. I am a notoriously self-concious model so I am rarely happy with the way I look in photos. I tend to look akward and uncomfortable because as soon as a camera is pointed at me, I have no idea what to do with my body. But if anyone can make me look good, it's Joni. We shall see. I'll share when I get them.

Grrr! The last few times I have posted bloggers spell checker has been hosed. I rely on spell checker to make sure I don't look like an absolute idiot with stupid errors. So I can't check this post like I couldn't check the last few. So my secret is going to be out, I am a crappy speller. Oh well.

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Tim said...

The firefox browser has a built in spell-checker for all text fields. Helps me refrain from looking stupid in all sorts of web situations.