Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sick Toddler

Since about 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning we have been dealing with sicky-poo Jackson. Throwing up and liquid poops. Poor baby. I have been sleeping on the twin bed in his room so I can be nearby to help. He kept waking from a dead sleep to throw up. I ran out of sheets the first night and finally figured to have him lay on a towel that I could remove and replace without changing the sheets. He is improving now, after several days of very little food and drink. I am working on getting him nice and hydrated and he is perking up now. Of course yesterday afternoon I got hit with it myself, although it seems to be a milder form. I hope.

Tonight I am supposed to go to a meet and greet party with the Team in Training people. I probably should stay home, but have been cooped up in my house with a sick toddler for three days. And since I am feeling ok and Jackson seems better, I want to get outta here for a few hours. I'm not going as the CQ tonight, just as me. And I am not speaking, just meeting people. Should be fun to meet some of the other mascots for the season.

What else? Oh, FYI Pedialite Popsicles taste like ass and Jackson is not fooled.


yer mama said...

Henry hates the pedialyte too. But he loves blue gatorade so that is what we usually get. Poor little guy! Hope he gets better!

The Holmes said...

Get better little dude!