Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Day of School and Purse Karma?

I dropped Jackson off at preschool this morning without incident. He was excited to go in the classroom and all but pushed me out the door when I tried to tell him I was leaving. He didn't seem the least bit concerned. He just wanted to play with the kids. When I picked him up, he was happy to see me and pretty worn out. The teachers said he acted like he had been coming all year.

He fit right in and did well. I am so excited that he gets to go and be with other kids and start learning how to interact with them. It was a little bumpy back at the Palace; he was so tired but didn't want to lay down. So I let him yell it out a little and he finally crashed.

My audition last night went well. I read a few scenes and suspect I will be called back on Saturday. It was really fun to just get in there and read. Whether I get a part or not, I am happy to have gone. It is interesting that I read more for the part I thought I didn't fit than the one I thought was more me. But after reading the other, I realize I was underestimating myself. I did relate to her - a veteran New Yorker - in a way I didn't expect. It was really cool to discover that the director saw me differently and brought out something I wasn't sure was there. I love theatre. I usually hate auditioning, but it is such a treat for me at this point after being cancer girl for so many months. I am enjoying myself again.

So after I dropped Jackson off at school I went to the Palace to work. This morning we had a photo shoot scheduled. Shape Magazine, a national publication, scouted our location at some point recently and we didn't even know it. They took pictures, even. How did we miss that? They really liked the art deco feel of the place and scheduled one of their fashion shoots at the theatre. Pretty cool and last minute as they just called us yesterday to see if it was ok. So we made an easy $200 rental fee and got to spy on an honest-to-goodness NYC fashion page photo shoot. Elizabeth, Larry and I kept waiting for the models to show up, expecting some perfectly fit gorgeous people to come waltzing in.

Little did we know the models were already there; a normal, good-lookingish guy and the tall, incredibly skinny, odd-looking girl in the lobby. Blonde, very straight hair, blunt-cut bangs and I swear, the skinniest, longest legs I have ever seen - like toothpicks. She has NYC runway model written all over her. We were disappointed. We were expecting the old-style model, like Cindy Crawford or Kathy Ireland with gorgeous figures and healthy glows - Shape Magazine, right? Elizabeth suggested she and I get some donuts and eat a bunch of them while we watched the shoot. I said, "only if we throw them up afterwards."

And here is a picture of me with an incredibly trendy and expensive, limited edition Coach designer bag. Lovely, well-made, smells like leather and the gold chain weighs a ton. Very nice. Does it look like me? Hmmm. I think not. I am not quite cool enough for it, I think.

You may be asking, "Did Marsha go out and buy this $358 too-small-to-be-useful bag after trying in vain to deny that she wants one?" Alas no. I did not. After my last blog about 'handbags' and the shameful admiration I seem to be fostering for them, I got my hands on this one two days later. By accident. It was a prop in the fashion shoot. The Shape Magazine people left it lying on the floor in the auditorium like a discarded playbill and called this afternoon frantic for me to find it. They gave me their Fed-Ex account number to overnight it to them. I have to send it off in the morning, but first I had to bring it home and photograph myself with it for posterity. I don't even want to keep it. Well, not much anyway. And I am all paranoid that something is going to happen to it before I can get it to Fed Ex tomorrow. I have to put it somewhere the cats or the kid can't get to it and draw with his markers all over it or spill juice on it. Heh. Wouldn't that be funny?

So how do I know how much it costs? The tags are still inside it. Along with this leather sewn-in tag. David made me take this picture of it to show it is the real thing - limited edition - it's even numbered.

And has gorgeous striped satiny fabric lining it. Very nice. Sigh. This really isn't helping me to get over wanting one. I certainly wouldn't buy this particular one. It isn't multi-purpose enough. But maybe one more like this. :o)


Anonymous said...

marsha, you look so cool with that purse......lololo. real nice pic of you..
I will be looking for a coachpurse for you now.......
that is my mission....
cute pics of my little Jackson also.

~E said...

I bet you will see some nice knockoffs in New York. :)

Ronni said...

I have a bunch of purses, all bought at thrift shops, or from some Harriet Carter catalogue, or something. I am continually searching for one that really works. Sometimes I find one, and, when I do, I carry it until it falls apart. Summer, winter, doesn't matter.

Of course, when it falls apart, I can never find another just like it, and the whole process starts over.

Jooley Ann said...

I like the one you linked to! But I'm not into the blue fringed jobber. Though I'll admit...the stripey interior is very cool.

But what do I know from purses? I don't even know whether you're still supposed to match your purse w/ your shoes. I guess not, right? Or one would need blue shoes to go with the blue purse??

I'm so clueless.