Saturday, January 12, 2008

Margaritas and Wal-Mart

Friday night we got Forum opened to a good crowd, about half full. Mary sat with Jackson so David and I could attend. It was an entertaining show that I can tell will get better as the actors get more comfortable. I had never seen the show before. I enjoyed it, but can tell it is an early Sondheim. Not as sophisticated as his later stuff. There is quite a difference between Forum and Assassins. Of course Forum definitely has more general appeal. I don't think Assassins would sell in Georgetown, though I would really love to see it done.

But I digress. Forum is opened and the new system of assigned seating is launched. Sort of. The computer program is still being written. There is quite a bit of administrative function that isn't available yet, making our work on Friday somewhat difficult. I can definitely see how the system is going to be really awesome and cut the amount of work in the box office more than in half. When it is finished. Larry and I decided after our work-day on Friday that we deserved margaritas before the show, so he met me and David at the little sports bar on the square and we didn't head to the theatre till nearly show-time. We didn't want to witness whether our work on Friday was a success or a failure as the theatre-goers arrived. Turns out there were not many problems, just a few issues with how to do walk-ups and people seemed fine with the new system.

After the show, the Palace hosted a laid-back opening night party in the tin barn behind the theatre. I hate calling it the tin barn, but the Palace Board of Directors has not yet settled on a new name for said barn. Most of us call it the shed, which they really don't like. Makes it sound small and dirty. And it is dirty, dust everywhere, but it isn't small. It is actually quite large with room enough for our full-size rehearsal stage and set construction area in addition to the dressing rooms and green room that we are already beginning to construct. I think the shed may end up being called the Palace Annex and I know we are trying to sell naming rights to the planned green room slash black box theatre. So far we have no takers. I am not sure how much they are asking, but if you have an extra hundred grand, let me know.

Today David and Jackson and I attempted a Wal-Mart trip. We haven't been to Wal-Mart in, well, so long that I can't remember the last time. At least a year, I think. We are Target people now. But we decided to go today cause the Super-Center is close and we wanted to get Jackson's hair cut for less than the $26 we paid at the specialty kids haircut place last time. And we need a few groceries and the special car oil that David needs that most places don't carry. Also thought we'd see if they could replace David's dead watch battery. We thought it would be a one-stop trip. Ha. When we left the house Jackson was all primed and ready to get his haircut. We were talking about it happily and in a good mood. Well, the boy took one look at the stern fifty-something Asian lady at the salon and howled in protest. He wouldn't sit in the chair alone, wouldn't sit on his daddy's lap, wanted absolutely nothing to do with this follicular adventure. And the lady was no help. Stood watching and holding the little cape. OK, I guess shaking the little cape at him was an attempt to help, but only served to make him yell louder. It was pretty awful. We could tell it wasn't going to happen, so we gave up and went into the store to get the other stuff on our list. Strait ahead was the jewelry counter so we headed there for the watch battery only to be told that they only do watch batteries for Wal-Mart brand watches. Wouldn't even sell us a battery to do it ourselves. David turned to me and said, "Let's get the hell outta here." So we abandoned all hope of our one-stop outing and left, saying "Screw Wal-Mart" all the way to the car. I hate Wal-Mart, what was I thinking?

We went to Academy instead, to look for some warm clothing items for our winter NYC trip. Found some long underwear and an on-sale sweater. And in their sports equipment section I got a nice, thick yoga mat and a resistance cord thingie with handles that came with a DVD 30 minute exercise. The mat was an awesome purchase; the resistance cord, not so much. I tried to do the DVD and managed to do a couple of exercises but then kept getting hopelessly tangled in the damned resistance cord. And the lady went soooo fast I couldn't figure out what the hell they were doing. Wrap the handle around the right foot, step on it shoulder-length apart with the left foot, pivot, etc. I am a truly clutzy, not-so-graceful person on my best days, add a resistance band and you have a one-woman comedy show. I felt like friggen Mr. Bean. So I quit after ten of the 30 minutes and decide to do one of the netflix yoga/pilates videos. I did the one I had done first when I decided to start exercising a couple of weeks ago. I had a really hard time keeping up with the cardio portion of this video then. This time I got almost through it before I had to stop doing everything they did and march in place some of the time. That felt good, that in so short a time, I can tell that I am getting stronger. Not showing a whole lot of progress on my figure, but definitely helping my stamina. Maybe the physical changes will come with more repetitions. I just need to keep it up I guess.

After dinner with Elaine, she and I hit the Old Navy blow-out sale and I hit the underpants mother-load, no kidding. I swear I doubled my underpant wardrobe for about $10. They were selling these cute 5 packs of underpants with holiday designs and colors for about $3.50 a box. So I got three of them in different color schemes. I won't describe them cause that is kind of over the line I think, don't you? Hi Daddy!

Tomorrow, perhaps we will make another go at getting the small one's hairs cut without paying way too much for the salon that looks like Disney threw up. And maybe some more looking for winter clothes on sale. Most stores are trying to get rid of that stuff so now is the time to go.

And hats, I need hats. You'd think after being bald for 5 months that I would have what I need and maybe I do. But my head-wraps hold such strong associations with me, I am not sure I ever want to wear them again. And honestly, who wears a turban as a choice when they have hair? As my favorite wig stylist, Bonnie, would say, "That is soooo chemo."


Ronni said...

Ramona will lend you a hat.

~E said...

Check out REI for some hats as well. :)

Fire Berry said...

See, here's what I thought: Margaritas were the only way, if you were a drinker, to deal with WalMart. ;-)