Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not much going on here

Been just hanging out at home mostly with David and Jackson the last few days. We managed a grocery run today in which Jackson insisted on being carried by his Daddy the whole time. Poor David's arms were done by the end of it. But we now have food in the house again which is good.

Tomorrow I am going to the movies with Elaine. We are going to a matinee of Juno. I have not been to the movies in at least two or three months. It should be fun.

I know I have some blogging work to do when I am not feeling so lazy. But in the meantime, enjoy a couple of pics from Christmas at the Sray's. Up top is me with my MIL Susanne and Kris's lady, Carrie. The other is Daddy helping Jackson with his Christmas presents.

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Ronni said...

David sure looks like his mom, doesn't he?