Saturday, December 22, 2007

Lunch with Friends

I am feeling somewhat better today. A little less emotionally fragile. I guess I will have good days and bad days.

This morning I got Jackson out of his bed and he said "Mommy home, mommy not at the hospital." Even though I have been home since Monday, he remembers me being gone. He doesn't seem overly upset about it, just happy that I am here. That is nice.

I had lunch with Elaine at Cafe Java. Joni and Leanne were there and sat and talked for a few minutes. I enjoyed seeing them. I realize that I can be around other people. Especially people who really know what I have been going through and want an honest answer to 'How are you doing?" I think one on one is better too. With a large group of 15 or so, the conversation is more surface and such a festive group makes me feel different, isolated amidst them. But I am glad that isn't the case, or wasn't the case today, with the ladies at lunch. It was nice to get out and talk to some people. So I guess I need a mixture of alone time and time with good friends.

Jackson is napping and when he get up David and I are going to take him with us shopping. I still have a few gifts to get. I sure wish I knew where my handicapped placard went. I can't find it anywhere. Mom said she saw Jackson take it out of my purse, but we have no idea what he did with it. Heh, he may have put it in the trash for all I know. It sure would be nice to have preferred parking the Sat before Christmas. Guess I will search a little more.

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