Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Jackson, The Great

I am beginning to feel like a human again, healthwise. I even had some moments today that were decidedly upbeat, happy even. I enjoy being back at work. Something to do, people to talk to. Busy, busy, but I like it. I remain excited at how popular the Palace is becoming and how many tickets we are selling all day. And the number of people that come in to buy tickets now is great. And we will be going high tech in the next few weeks - headsets and putting orders directly into the computer instead of writing up and order sheet and then inputting a stack of them. I can't wait.

Jackson has taken to being back at work perfectly so far. The last two days he has gone to his nap without protest and slept two or three hours. I have been pleased with that for sure. I was worried he wouldn't want to go back after such a long absence.

That boy is getting so damned smart! It is scary how he keeps surprising me. He will bring me a book to read to him and as I turn the pages he will tell me what it says, in essence reading the book to me. He has them memorized! And I know I have not read some of these books with him more than a few times. Granted he has had several caregivers this summer who may have read certain books multiple times, but still, my kid is crazy-smart. I am allowed to say so, I am his mother.

Also he has begun to request trips to Target and HEB. When he wants new balloons he says we need to go to HEB. And yesterday he told me we needed to go to Target to get a blue truck. He knows that Target is where little boys get new toys. Preferably cars. He has learned this after so many Target outings when I was sick and chemo and just wanted to go somewhere. Target was often the destination of choice. Jackson talked about Target most of the day, but oddly didn't seem all that upset that we didn't go there.

I think we may be reaching a critical stage in pre-potty-training behavior. Jackson has started coming to me asking to be changed. He doesn't like to be wet or dirty. Of course when I ask if he wants to sit on the potty he says "No." Quite adamant. So I think we are almost ready. We may need to get a new potty chair. My sister gave me hers, but Jackson seems to be afraid of the big pee guard that stick up on the front. He has to be careful sitting down so it doesn't hurt his privates. I think perhaps a guard-free potty chair may help. I have been warned by the ladies at work that potty training is trial and error thing, heavy on the trial. I'd like to have him trained by the time he turns three so we can get him into some kind of pre-school. Most pre-schools won't take a diapered three-year-old and I don't blame them. Surely Jackson will be interested in the potty in the next 8 months don'tcha think? I hope so.

And in the bill saga, I made one phone call to Austin Pathology who said Aetna denied coverage, which they didn't. They had the wrong ID number. Same at the Emergency Docs did. The emergency docs who finally did file a claim under the right ID number only to say that David was the patient, not me. So Aetna only paid 80% since David has not reached his yearly out of pocket max. So Aetna called them for me and got them to file a corrected claim. Also I got another $345 bill from Georgetown. Same account. The first bill was for statement period 8/01/07 - 8/01/07which came two days ago and the other bill was for statement period 11/30/07 - 11/30/07 which I got yesterday. Apparently my post-dated account is past due. Nice. Of course they told Aetna day before yesterday they had 'already sent this claim on to be corrected' so hopefully they won't send me to collections for money I don't owe them.

In other news my husband will be having an upper GI to see if he has an ulcer. His stomach upset continues so they are going in to have a look next week. I wonder why David might have an ulcer. Hmmmm. Any ideas? Not sure whether to hope the find one or not. If they find one, they can treat it. If not then he just has an upset stomach for no reason. Then I guess we try to find the right medication to make him feel better, cause OTC stuff ain't doing it and neither is the expensive prescription he was just on. We shall see.

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Fire Berry said...

Super photo! And I'm so glad you're doing so much better!