Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bills Bills Bills

Once again I am on the phone with Aetna. Georgetown Hospital again sent me a bill, for $345 this time, for which my EOB from Aetna says they can bill me nothing. So I am getting Aetna to call them. Every bill I have gotten from Georgetown, save two, has billed me for money I don't owe. They have a nice Community Relations lady, but that really doesn't mean much when they either have the most incompetent billing department or are running a huge billing scam to fund their laboratory. I just wish I didn't have to research and make phone calls for every other bill I get. My stack of incorrect bills grows, from several different facilities. I just hope they are actually getting fixed after Aetna calls them. I am not paying them and don't want to end up in collections for shit I don't owe. Cancer is less complicated than all the fricken paperwork I have to wade through.

Of course without Aetna I'd be up a creek, so thanks to Aetna, my own personal Mafia. You tell people on my behalf to stop sucking and I only have to pay you several hundred dollars a month in protection fees. Thanks!

Ok, here you go, Aetna talked to the billing dept in Georgetown who told her that this has already been sent for correction. So maybe they have reviewed all my claims and are fixing them all at once. This is a good thing. Course in the meantime, if they could refrain from sending me incorrect bills for $345 my blood pressure would sincerely appreciate it.

Went to work yesterday for the first time since November 5th. Jackson stayed home with his Dad so it was a good trial run. I had a good time entering orders in the computer and answering questions. The Palace remains steady with ticket sales and Christmas gift orders. I am happy to be well enough to get back to work. Today Jackson comes with me so we shall see how he slips back into the routine...or not.

After work I met Andrea and Leslie for dinner at the Melting Pot. I had never been there. Fondue is something we have at David's folks house on Christmas Eve every year. And the restaurant was a lot like that with a little more variety. And it was expensive. We had a good time and the food was good. All three of us failed to bring a camera so no pics.

Tonight is night three of Tin Man on Sci-Fi channel. We are having a good time watching it, even if for some reason Zooey Deschanel's character has the flattest affect ever seen on prime time.

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Anonymous said...

I fail to understand how people thing that having government sponsored healthcare could somehow be worse than these clowns.

Hope everything works out without you having to get involved any more than you already have.