Monday, November 05, 2007

Last Chemo Tomorrow

I am all clear for my last chemo tomorrow at 1:30. And I have a gown, polished the tiara and made the sash. The Miss Chemo Stunt is prepared. I will either make a complete fool out of myself...or make a minor fool out of myself. But I am determined to carry out my stunt. It may make some other chemo patient smile. It is sure distracting me from the fact that I really, really don't want to go.

Dr. George scheduled me for a CT scan on the 19th of November. That will be the confirmation that I am indeed done. He says a PET Scan is not necessary at this point because the last one showed so little of the glowing cancer left that it wouldn't provide any more info that a CT and my insurance may not pay for one this soon after the last. And that works for me cause I don't have to starve for the CT scan like you do a PET scan.

Mom will be here at 11:00 to get me for a pre-chemo lunch. I want that full belly since it seems to help stave off the chemo nausea for a little while. I am trying to decide whether to wear my gown and tiara to lunch. How big are my gonads? Not sure. Maybe not big enough to go be-jeweled to the IHOP or wherever we decide to go. I will have to see how much I care what other people think when I get up tomorrow. I may be a big fat chicken. We shall see.


Renee said...

Wear the gown and tiara to lunch. You are kicking cancer's ass! Go Queen Chemo!!!!

Ronni said...

Yup. I agree. Wear the whole thing! You will be surprised at the reactions you get.

Kudos to you, Marsha, for your courage and humour. I am in awe!

Don't forget pictures--we all want to celebrate with you.

Ronni said...

Why is your blog set on California time?

Fire Berry said...

you? chicken?


Go... go... go...