Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What day is today?

The bone pain has come right on schedule. Yesterday afternoon and into the evening it joined me on the couch. It is a little different this time in that it is deeper in my joints which makes it difficult to walk. Also different this time is the fact that my Mom came back to stay a few days, determined that I should not hurt as much this time. I am terrible with pain meds. I don't take them enough, I let them wear off, I let the pain get really bad before I take them. But today, my mom has kept me on a schedule, by the clock. So I barely start to hurt again, before I am conked out on another dose. I have been sleeping most of the day with brief half-hour wakings to eat something. I can't say it hasn't been nice to sleep through so much of the pain, I just don't want to do this several days in a row. So we shall see what tomorrow brings. Today, my private nurse kept the good stuff coming and food in my tummy to stave off the nausea. And though I feel I have lost a whole day, it beats 12 hours of constant pain.

My mom is awesome.


~E said...

Your mom rocks and I am glad she is taking care of you!


Fire Berry said...

Yay for lesbian moms!


especially yours.