Saturday, October 20, 2007


My heart rate is still too high, whether it is because I am not doing well enough on my fluid intake or whether it is the meds and chemo. So my Mom, who is charge nurse in the ER in Georgetown today, wants me to come in for fluids and maybe a chest xray. Just to check on me. She doesn't think they will want to admit me. Will probably just fill me up with IV fluids and send me home to bed. But I guess I have to do what Mom thinks is best. If only because she deserves some piece of mind that she is doing everything she should. And Dad and David agree since my heart rate was just 144 again after a two minute walk through the house. I gotta go in. Blah. Wanted to go out into the gorgeous Saturday and spend it with my husband and son. But I gotta do what I gotta do till this treatment is over. It is quite apparent that chemo does not get easier, just gets harder and harder until it is done. And thankfully it is nearly done. One more treatment first week of November. Makes me smile to remember that. One more.

Tonya is coming to get me and take me to Georgetown and David will hang with the little boy. I will post with updates as I can.

Enjoy the sunshine for me, everyone!!!

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