Monday, September 17, 2007

This was a good weekend. Saturday, I got David out of bed to take Jackson to the Sleeping Beauty show at the Scottish Rite Theatre. Andrea' is in it and I wanted to go support her. Jackson watched a little of the show here and there, mostly when the kids clapped to wake up Sleepy Pete. He would stop going up and down the stairs and clap with them. Mostly he just had a good time being there, but really didn't partake much of the show-watching pleasures. I think he is still a bit young for it, especially at those prices. But it was fun and we got a couple of good pics.

Later on Saturday, Andrea' came over and I dragged her to the mall. I needed to return a pair of the gazillion pants I bought in my chemo-stupor and I had NY&Co cash to spend. Reward dollars, if you will. So I bought a couple of new tops and made Andrea choose a couple for her birthday (it's tomorrow).

We also got into the Halloween Store there and looked around. There are so many cute toddler costumes, but this year I am afraid that Jackson will be obstinate about costuming. He may need to help pick one out this year, since he is so picky about choosing his own clothes. I fear that the dress-your-kid-up-like-a-chicken-and-then-laugh event from last year isn't gonna fly this time. He would probably look at it with much disdain and refuse to put it on. Maybe something Thomas the Tank Engine would pass muster. Or Mickey Mouse, though that would cost a fortune (fricken Disney). We may have to take him on a costume-buying excursion and make sure whatever we get has a shot at being worn.

Of course I can't take him to the Halloween store since they have the scariest, freakiest shit right there at the front door. Man-sized realistic zombies and things. Big, head-sized spiders hangin in the entrance. They kind of gave me the willies looking at them, so Jackson's heart would probably just stop dead if I tried to get him into that store. And there is no way to get to the toddler costumes without coming within a foot of those things and I simply won't do that to him. Maybe Target or something like that would be innocuous enough to take him looking.

Sunday we went to Killeen to be with David's folks at the birthday party of a friend of the family, Beverly. We had proof of how much Jackson enjoys swimming at Bev and Dave's. I guess it really is just our neighborhood pool he doesn't like. Probably too many people. But we are still going to keep trying. We don't pay that $27 home owners monthly fee for nothing.

Today, Jackson and I made it to work. He requested that I wear my hair today. When he sees my wig on the stand in my closet while I am getting ready sometimes, he tells me to 'put on hair, mommy.' When he asks, I usually comply. I guess Jackson, at two, understands that people are supposed to have hair on their heads, not on little stands in their closets.

Work was busy. We are getting so busy on such a constant basis at the Palace that we are putting in a much needed third phone line and a third computer work-station. There is so much going on now that we really do need a volunteer answering incoming calls, a staff person on one computer entering reservations, Sonja working at her desk on publicity and managerial tasks and a third staff person returning calls and entering data with the new laptop. Wow. In the two years since I was the first office admin taken on part-time, things have really taken off. First we added a morning admin -Elizabeth - and now we have added two more! Larry for the office and Matt to help Mary Ellen, primarily, and to back up the office when needed. And though the transition has been tough, especially with me being so suddenly gone so much, I think it spells exciting things for the Palace. The phone rings constantly and the old way of me and a volunteer, or just me in the afternoons would not cut it anymore. How awesome is that? Live theatre in Georgetown is becoming so much more established. I think that is great news.

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed just getting in the office today and getting my hands on stacks of work to be done. Nothing like a good old fashioned hour or two of data entry and answering questions from the volunteer to make me feel like myself again. You remember, the competent, busy, fast-moving, girl with all the answers? That one. This week I get to be that girl and I sure plan to enjoy it. I am also the wife who cooks dinner this week. And maybe even the one who picks up the house after Jackson goes to bed. Feeling good and somewhat energized and happy to be looking forward to a week of the same.

Tuesday next week will come way too fast for my liking.


Fire Berry said...

Lovely! So glad you had a fantastic few days. Sounds like The Palace could use... oh... someone... full time... I dunno who...


Ronni said...

When Aidan was two, Brendan was 10, and ripe for a Harry Potter costume. So, I made Aidan a Hedwig costume to go with Brendan's, and the little so-and-so absolutely declined to wear it. Two weeks of work, down the drain.

I donated it to the thrift shop, and it was bought up almost instantly.