Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So my son is a future bulimic. He spent the entire ride home from work today sticking his fingers down his throat and gagging himself. I kept hearing him dry heaving and saw what he was doing. The more I told him to cut it out the funnier he found the whole thing. He wouldn't stop til he actually managed to make himself throw up. Luckily he hadn't eaten since lunch and all he threw up was the lemonade he'd just had. Sticky, but not all that gross, thankfully. And after that he stopped, having figured out that yes, sticking your fingers down your throat will make you gag every time and eventually you will throw up. Experiment at end. Sheesh.

Good news on the medical front. My oncologist's office called yesterday to say that my blood counts were good enough that I don't have to do the Neulasta shot again this round. I am happy about that, though I did seem more tired this round than last. But three or four days of low energy versus the same of crappy bone pain? Not a bad trade-off.

Tomorrow I have an eye doctor check up. My left eye is still blurryish and not getting much better. I may have to face the fact that I have residual prescription left in that eye. The question then is do I qualify for a lasik touch up? Or do I want to wear a low power lens in that eye? Or will I just get used to it as is and not correct it. It isn't bad enough that I can't drive legally. Not even close. But I can tell that my vision could be sharper. Not sure yet what I want to do. We'll see what the doc says tomorrow.

Elaine is going to sit with Jackson tonight so David and I can go to dinner at Macaroni Grill. DMI, his employer, gave us a $100 gift card. Cause I have cancer. Very nice of them to think of us. They have been supportive of the time off David has needed here and there to help me out or go to doc visits with me. He really hasn't taken much, but what he has taken has been short notice, last minute stuff at the beginning. And they were good about it. Heh, people are so darn happy it isn't their spouse that has cancer, they will pretty much let him do whatever he needs to. So dinner on DMI tonight. Yay!

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The Holmes said...

Henry does that same thing! It totally freaks me out.

Glad to hear the good news.