Monday, September 03, 2007

So the last two days of freedom have been pretty full. Had a few friends over yesterday for way too much BBQ and dessert. It was good to spend time with my Dad and to meet his friend, Mary. He is sucha good cook, we all ate too much. Jackson once again immediately insisted upon kissing the pretty little girl who came to visit. Seriously gonna have to talk to the boy about boundaries and personal space. He can't just be kissing all the girls he meets, especially because once he reaches kindergarten, their zero tolerance policies will put him in jail. But Johanna took it politely and didn't yell or bite him or anything. Just asked for the temporary use of one of his balloons and maybe a car or two. Sharing is another thing we need to learn.

Today we took Jackson to David's folks house in Harker Heights to spend a few days while I have chemo. He was not at all upset to see us leaving. Could hardly be bothered to say 'bye bye'. But with fun like this awaiting him, who cares about the boring old parents? Grandpa and Omi are the best.

Susanne took the sweetest pic of him on the slide. So cute. Such a little boy. I miss him already.

After a brief nap, David and I met Elaine and Cliff and Jennifer at the Alamo for a movie. We saw Black Sheep. Think Shaun of the Dead, except instead of zombies, it's genetically altered sheep attacking the wisecracking characters. Very funny. I was a little skeptical, but thought what the hey, I need the night out before chemo tomorrow. It was gorier than I liked, but not really designed to be scary, just to make you go "ewwww grosss." And we did. I am glad we went and had fun. And I am sorry I yelled at Cliff for showing up 10 minutes before the movie started. We were holding seats and it was getting pretty tense with it being sold out and people really wanting those seats. But I shouldn't have snapped at him. Pretty sure he forgave me, but still.

So tomorrow at 12:30 I go in for round three of chemo. Sigh. I wish I didn't have to. Don't really want to. Blech.

But I will be fine, I am sure. Going to lunch with my Mom before we go. I'll try not to stuff myself. Don't want to make myself sicker than I have to be. I wonder if going in after lunch will make an impact on how I feel tomorrow evening. I have a new drug to try - Ativan. And I think the plan for that is to knock me out. So it may be that I get home late afternoon, start feeling sick a few hours later, then take the Ativan and sleep through the worst of it. Wouldn't that be nice? We'll see how it goes. I need to remember to take my cinnamon gum with me since you start tasting the horrid chemo about an hour into it. Sigh. Tomorrow.


~E said...

I love the picture of Jackson and Grandpa at the swings!!!

I think I may now be a little afear'd of sheep.

Maybe we should have a Shawn of the Dead viewing for Halloween?!

I hope today is a good as it can be.


Jooley Ann said...

Tee-hee! Wish we'd gotten some where Johanna was trying to "kiss" Jackson back! Her version is more like...a lunge with an open mouth. It's so funny. :)

We had a great time! Hope chemo isn't kicking you too hard. Thinking of you....