Saturday, September 01, 2007

Just got home from seeing Lend Me a Tenor at the Palace. Mary Ellen called out of the blue this afternoon to see if David and I wanted to go to the show cause she was willing to babysit. So we took her up on it and went. It was a good show and we had fun seeing friends and just getting out of the house together. Thanks to Mary Ellen and family for thinking of us and letting us have a night out.

Speaking of nights out, I mentioned in my last post that I was going downtown to see some music last night. Well, we had a change of plans. I made it to the opening night party for Tenor and Kim met me there as we had planned. But when it came time to head to Austin, she told me that she didn't feel right about going. What happened? My Mom happened. She talked to Kim about my condition and must have made me sound so weak and frail and whatnot, because Kim was afraid if she took me downtown, I might get sick and she couldn't live with herself if that happened. I think the conversation about chemo and what it does to a body must have spooked her. Mom swears she didn't mean for Kim to not to take me, she was just telling her a little about my cancer treatment. Still, it must have sounded bad and upset poor Kim. So I didn't push it, though I really did feel up to going and it would have been fine.

Kim and I went to Saltgrass instead and we had a good time talking and getting to know each other better. We need to spend more time together since in a just and non-discriminating world we would be stepsisters. I had a good time, Kim, and next time you come down, we are going to the Saxon Pub to hear music. And we can ask my mom if it is ok first, if that will make you feel better, but the Saxon Pub has chairs and tables and they have lots of 8:00 p.m. shows, so we won't have to be out so late if we don't want to. But I am not wearing a mask. I don't want to live like Michael Jackson, for goodness sake. Ok, well, maybe the money and world travel and mansions would be nice. But not the mask wearing, nose-job getting, probable child-molesting part.

I must say thanks to The Holmes for naming me the winner in his Awesome Dude Blogger contest. Seems he is just as big a Battlestar fan and appreciated my recasting of Star Wars. So now it is up to me to hold some kind of contest and pass on the coveted award. Now I just need to decide what to do! Stay tuned for contest announcements!

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