Friday, July 27, 2007

I got my appetite back yesterday. Spent most of the day grazing on the homemade beef stew my dad made. I was pretty weak and shaky for much of the day, but in the afternoon Dad, Jackson and I went to the grocery store. I had been told that walking and getting even a little excercise would make me feel better. And it sure as hell did. I was weak and slow and shaky when we got there and after about and hour of walking around my legs felt better and stonger and I just felt more myself. I was tired afterwards, weary, but not as weak it seems. So yes, getting up and moving around even when I don't feel like it has to be part of my daily life after chemo.

Jackson is having a serious language explosion. He is repeating everything and even coming up with independant thoughts. "where's mama?" he'll ask and they say "Mama sleeping?" And he just talks up a storm all day now. You folks at the Palace aren't going to believe it when you see him next. He is turning into a little boy.

My hip bone is sore from the bone marrow biopsy. I have not heard any results yet and am hoping to get a phone call today. I may call and harrass them this afternoon if I don't hear anything.

And since today is Friday I have some decisions to make about the show this weekend. I just don't know yet if I want to do one, some or none of them. I have a hard time letting the show go on without me, but I also have to face the reality that I have an illness that is taking my energy and attention. Not to mention the new port on my chest that isn't quite healed and the hip bone recovering from the biopsy. I don't know why I feel the need to push myself further. The show will go on whether I am there or not. SO I need to just relax and let my body decide and go from there.

Oh, on the good news front, we read up on my health insurance benefits and they will pay up to $500 for a wig if I want one. Heh, I can get a kick ass wig if I want and Aetna will pay for it. Yay Aetna.


tim said...

You are a badass. That's really all I have to say.

Ronni said...

What he said ^.

Fire Berry said...

relax! But think seriously about joining us after the matinee on Sunday for some show shots.


Gretchen said...

Marsha -

Whoa! Just heard what was happening with you when I was making plans with some friends to come see the play.

All I can say is - you are in my prayers and if you need anything, call.

Also, please don't think that this will qualify as an excuse to get out of Mystery Night in 2008. :)

And, yeah, wearing a wig of big hair wasn't bad - want a REALLY big blonde wig??

Love, Gretchen