Thursday, May 10, 2007

Here is the question of the century. Why do I blame my husband every time my son poops in the tub?

Really? This isn't a one time thing. Of late, Jackson has decided that his nightly bath ritual should include mommy screaming and snatching him out of the tub while yelling "David, get in here, there's poop!"

I am in the beginning stages of potty training with Jackson. We have a potty chair and several times a day I ask Jackson if he wants to sit on his potty. He is usually excited to do it and runs to the bathroom. He has not, as of yet, actually put any waste into the potty, but I have hope that will come.

I just have this irrational reaction towards my husband. I somehow think it is his fault. I yell at him and make him deal with it whenever I can. Maybe it is because he just thinks it's so damned funny. Maybe it is his fault because he is in charge of washing Jackson and Jackson pretty much only poops when we leave the room for a minute. Maybe it is his fault because, as anyone who knows my husband knows, he finds flatulence entertaining like a 5th grader and is known for it far and wide. So the pooping in the tub gene must come from him. I don't know.

All I know is that the instant the poop hits the water, my poor husband takes the blame.

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