Saturday, July 15, 2006

No sleep till...Brooklyn...

Why would I title a blog with an old Beastie Boys song, you may be asking yourself. Well, it is just something that popped into my head about three this morning. What a rough night. Yesterday was Jackson's first birthday and I think the gods were reminding David and me how tired we were that first night with Jackson by keeping us awake all night on his first birthday.
First we didn't get into bed till midnight - our own fault, but since we are both in rehearsals for different shows till late, we stay up discussing how things went. And it is so hard to just come home and go right to bed. You need downtime to relax. So yes. Midnight.

I lay there for an hour as usual running lines in my head, telling myself to stop the whole time. About the time I was drifting off, in came the cat. Sam jumped onto the bed and proceeded to wake us both up until David threw him out, unsuccessfully a few times.

We had just calmed down from that when we heard the unmistakable sounds of cat-about-to-throw-up coming from the hallway outside our bedroom. It went on long enough that we simply couldn't pretend we weren't hearing it. So David - master of all gross cat things - got up, turned on the lights and spent, I swear, half an hour meticulously cleaning the carpet. Not that I am complaining that he cleaned the mess, it is just the time - 2 am - that was the problem. Afterwards he fussed around the kitchen while I listened to the unmistakable sounds of pre-dawn Captain Crunch.

I thought maybe it was over when he got back into bed, but at about 3 am I heard the plaintive cries from the nursery of a baby who cannot find his pacifier and is growing increasingly frustrated about it. Normally, I am the kind of mom who lets him work it out on his own. I don't go rushing into the nursery at night; if I did, no one would get any sleep...ever. But Jackson is just getting over being really sick and his routine is still compromised. Plus, I didn't want to listen to him yell for the amount of time it might take for him to either find his paci or get over its absence. So I dragged my arse out of bed...again...and went in. I searched the crib for one of the 3 paci's that always go missing in the middle of the night. When I found one, Jackson gratefully took it and I went back to bed.

That's when the song began in my head. "No sleep till...dun nuh...nuh nuh...duh nuh nuh....dun nuh..."

Oh man, I'm tired. Jackson awoke at his standard 7:00, and I have lots of family coming over at 3:00 for Jackson's b'day party...then rehearsal from 8:30 till the cows come home. It's gonna be a long day.

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