Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Bonnie, the Marvelous Wig Lady

The statesman ran a great article on Bonnie, the wig lady at Pat Painter's Wig Salon. You should be able to see it here. She is the one who I went to who gave Andrea' and I such a good afternoon trying on and playing with a hundred wigs. She handed me a "Fuck Cancer" button and bracelet when I walked in the door and was so irreverent when she showed the pair of underpants with hair glued to the outside. She told me I'd need a wig 'down there' too. I did not have a head shaving party, Andrea' did it for me in my kitchen. But I have nothing but fond memories of Bonnie and Pat's and what an oasis she creates for a woman losing her precious hair. If you know anyone in central Texas with cancer or alopecia, send them immediately to Pat Painter's on Burnet Road. Thanks Bonnie! Here is what I blogged at the time, if you care to read it.

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Erin Geren said...

I read the article and the sap I am cried big crocodile tears. I remember how hard it was for you and can only imagine how hard it would be for anyone. Cancer changes people and to see someone who can take such a difficult experience and make it into a positive memory is just awesome. Thanks for sharing. And congrats, I am thrilled about the new addition to the family!