Tuesday, January 27, 2009

To scan or not to scan

I was supposed to have a PET/CT scan today. But it was cancelled, though I am not clear on exactly why. I go to Austin Radiology for the scans. But they called me yesterday to say that due to insurance reasons, we needed to reschedule from a Texas Oncology time slot to an Austin Radiology time slot. I asked exactly what that meant but I don't think the girl on the phone understands either. I rescheduled, but couldn't find a mutually available time til Feb 18th. I require a morning appointment. PET scans require an Atkins diet the day before and nothing to eat for six hours prior. Which means you can get up and have breakfast at 6:00 in the morning for a noon appointment, which isn't something I can do. I can't go that long without eating and then down a gallon of barium. So I can't get a scan til the middle of Feb.

I called my oncologists office to talk to them and to reschedule my Feb 12th appointment but their power was out so couldn't get into the computer system. I am hoping they can explain what is going on with my insurance and what the hay the difference is in the time slots. I almost don't even care. Whatever. Inconvenience me. I'm used to it and it hardly even bothers me. I am just more curious than anything else.

But I am thinking I am going to cancel the scan anyway. I am not on any type of birth control. And any time I get a scan, I could be irradiating a Sray Zygote and I don't want to do that. I am not even sure I can procreate anymore, but I don't want to risk it. Plus the whole debate about whether these periodic scans are really necessary. If the cancer comes back, most likely it will show up in my blood work first. If I keep my regular check-ups and the doctor is diligent, we should be able to catch it and then order a scan to diagnose. Thus saving me the potential zapped baby Sray and the exposure to all that extra radiation.

And how the hell is radiation both a cure for and a cause of cancer? How is this possible? It all seems to work that way though. Adriamycin kills cancer cells and irreparably damages the heart, another of my chemo drugs kills Lymphoma and gives me a 30% greater chance of developing Leukemia. Rituxan is our current greatest hope against some blood cancers, but you could drop dead the first time you get it which is why it takes 6 hours to infuse in round one.

So the scan debate in my head continues.


Ronni said...

Might be good to find out what's up with your insurance coverage, whether or not you decide to skip the scan, though.

Did Michael Fariss get cast in "Grease?" He is one of Jim's.

Fire Berry said...

OMG. All those drugs in your body and they won't give you pseudephedrine!

Well, I'm brave, I drink non-dairy creamer in my coffee!

Kathie Quinn said...

Those scans are scary. I don't blame you for considering all the potential risks. I remember when Steve had his they told him we couldn't get within 5 feet of him for 12 hours afterwards because I was pregnant and Delaney was so little. Considering they're scanning someone already at risk for cancer, you'd think there'd be a big red flag to them about those suckers. "oh sure its fine for you, just don't let your loved ones get too close" Weird.