Monday, January 05, 2009

My kid is a criminal mastermind...

Yes. Jackson is the sneakiest boy in the history of sneaky boys. In the mornings when he gets up, he often takes his wet pull-up off and leaves it on the floor. We constantly ask him to put it in the trash. Yesterday morning as I was getting up with him, he stopped in the hallway by his room and said, "Um, I'm just gonna close my that you don't see my wet pull-up. I had to laugh. Damned internal monologue malfunctions. They trip up villains all the time. The need to brag about one's crimes is overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you are three.

He also peed on my couch and tried desperately to cover it with a pillow...while I was standing there asking him about it. It went like this:

Me: Jackson, what is this? Why is the couch wet? Are your pants wet? Did you pee?
Jackson: (carrying pillow) I'm just gonna, I'm just gonna...
Me: Did you PEE on my COUCH?!?!
Jackson: I'm just gonna put this pillow here...

It wasn't funny at the time. Cause there was pee on my couch. But it's funny now. I guess.

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