Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Food sharing

Jackson is always indignant whenever I eat anything and don't offer him any. Everyone knows mommies everywhere are the designated food sharers, they rarely get a meal all to themselves. But I admit that I do sneak things that I don't want to share when I think he isn't looking: candy or chocolate usually. I got some nice chocolate truffles for my birthday that I keep in my fridge and slowly eat after he goes to bed. And this chocolate would be wasted on a kid who likes whatever waxy crap he got for Halloween. But I am not above dipping into that Halloween candy when I think I won't get caught.

Like last night when Jackson was in the bathtub and his daddy was washing him. I got into the candy bowl and fished out a piece of gum - one of the really sour kind that makes you pucker for a minute. I love those. Jackson got out of the tub a little sooner than I expected and, as is his ritual, came running naked into the living room to find me shouting "Mama, I'm out the tub, I'm out the tub!"

He saw me sitting on the couch chewing something and his eyes immediately narrowed.

"Hey, what do you have in your mouth. Say ah! Say Ahhhhh!"

He hopped onto the couch next to me, tried to pry my mouth open and ordered me to show him what I was eating. I was totally busted. Thankfully, he easily forgets such things if you tickle the crap out of him. I'm still not sharing my chocolate.

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