Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sam the Cat and the Zilker Train

This morning before taking Jackson to school he and I made a pit stop at the vet with Sam cat. He got a scratch on his head a few days ago in a probable alley cat scuffle and he messed with it and worried it into an abscess. Looks pretty gnarly. So we dropped in to the vet to get it looked at, cleaned up and antibiotified. In an out in half an hour and we dropped him back home before heading to school/work for the day.

Sam retaliated against the indignity by bringing a decent-sized pigeon into the house. He chased the bird into my bathroom leaving a trail of feathers until the bird rested/hid in the sink. I found him when I got home from work, just quietly breathing in David's sink hoping not to be found by the cat. When David got home from work, he gathered the bird in his gloved hands and hid him under a bush in the yard. I don't think he is long for this world but at least we got him out of the cat house.

We took Jackson to Zilker Park on Saturday to ride the train. We tried to ride the train a couple of months ago, but he was terrified and refused to get on. David and I were so disappointed that he was scared of the train. We thought he would be really excited and love it. But I actually wasn't all that surprised he didn't want to ride it. He is such a cautious child when it comes to such things. But in the last week or so he has begun talking about the train and wanting to ride it. So we decided to head down there and try it again. And this time we had the reaction we wanted the first time. HE was excited and ready to get on. We had such a good ride. The weather was slightly cool but it was a nice day. And we got to see them setting up the Trail of Lights displays. We definitely need to come back when the Trail is open later in December.

I need to get to my housework since I have family coming in two days. Yay housework. But sincerely, yay family coming!

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