Monday, October 27, 2008

The Good Life

Last night I attended the B. Iden Payne awards as Andrea's date. She was nominated as a director and set designer and her Children's show, Wiley and the Hairy Man, was nominated as well as several of her actors. (link goes to my blog post about Wiley with pics of her set) I was very proud to be sitting with her as she won the Outstanding Director award for a play for youth. Congratulations to Andrea' and to all the winners and nominees for the 2007 - 2008 Austin theatrical season. It was a nice event at the brand new Long Center downtown and a great excuse to get dressed up. Here I am with Jackson just before heading out to meet Andrea.

Saturday was my fifth wedding anniversary. David and Jackson woke me up with homemade pumpkin pancakes which I was supposed to eat in bed, but didn't. The boys came in with a tray and told me 'happy anniversary' and then took off back to the kitchen to make more pumpkin pancakes. So I took my tray to the kitchen and ate there with them. I told David that he and Jackson were supposed to pile onto the bed and sit with me. Who wants to eat breakfast in bed all alone? Though to be fair, Jackson did climb into the bed, steal a piece of my bacon and told me "Happy annibersery mama" before he took off to help cook. And they sure were good pancakes. David got the recipe from the 1950's diner cookbook Elaine gave us a while back. Awesome, awesome anniversary breakfast.

We didn't have any big plans for the evening because Jackson was invited to a kids Halloween party at the home of one of his classmates. And I have heard stories of this party from last year, before we put Jackson in pre-school. And since we have been invited to a few parties and have not been able to attend any of them, I felt like we needed to go. I didn't want Jackson blacklisted from the pre-school party list because we didn't make an effort to go. Plus I already sort of feel like outsider mom for starting mid-term last winter. The other moms all seem like friends and live near each other while I live in Round Rock. Not that I ache to join all the scrap booking talk in the cool mom circle at school, but it still sucks to be the odd man out sometimes. Which could totally be my perception and not the truth, but you see why with all these thoughts beating around in my head why we had to forgo any fancy anniversary date and instead attend the premier kids Halloween party in Georgetown TX. And this mom sure went all out. An enviable spread and really nice lady. She had two moon-jumpy things and various games all over the yard. Notice Jackson cajoling the girls to get in the moon walk with him. There was apple bobbing, a wack-a-mole tower, ring toss type games and all kinds of party favors. Jackson had a really good time playing with the kids and David and I, not really knowing anyone there, spent a good deal of time pushing various kiddos on the swings.

And it is a true testament to the man that my husband is that by the end of the evening kids were approaching him to ask if he would open a capri sun or push them on the swings. Adults all around and these kids instinctively know that this person is safe, this person will help them. And they are right. He pushed his own kid on the swings and any others who came over without complaint. Made me proud to be married to him for five years.

On Sunday we finished up our bookshelf project in the living room and I am really really happy with how it looks. I was skeptical with the plan, I admit. This was David's idea and I was on board only because he seemed so set on it. I wasn't sure three new shelves would fit in that corner. I wasn't sure it wouldn't overbalance the room in that direction. But it really looks good. Moving the furniture opened everything up and we are now using the whole room. Now we need to look into lighting for that corner cause the bookshelf is a little dark. And maybe a new rug or two. We have never been the best decorators, David and I. But I think we done good with this one.

I didn't take a real before picture cause I am a moron, but I dug one up from Aug last year at my birthday. You can see the corner behind the dork holding up the pink top. The love seat was a couple of feet in front of the window blocking off that part of the room and making it seem smaller in here.

What else is new? How bout a Jackson gem. This is a picture of him with the 'birthday cake' he made for me a few days ago. He stuck come 'candles' in his bowl of sand and was so excited about the cake he made for me.

After work today, Jackson and I went to HEB to stock the near-bare cupboards. And after buying a huge cartful of everything we needed and making a really satisfying dinner of Fresh tortilla soup, I felt very grateful that my little family is blessed with more than we need.

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