Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sam cat is pretty sick

Sam is in the kitty hospital on fluids with acute kidney failure from a blocked bladder. We noticed he didn't seem to be feeling well the last couple days, but missed the signs of bladder blockage such as inability to pee cause we don't have a litter box. The cats use the cat door and go outside to do their business. So we didn't witness him struggling to pee. He was squatting kind of funny last night and that should have cued us in to the bladder issue. About Midnight last night, when I was finally heading to bed, I saw him squatting and finally got worried about bladder infection and debated taking him to the emergency vet right then.

If i had realized how common and serious bladder blockage is in male cats fed on dry food I would have gone right then. I didn't know. I didn't know dry food plus hot weather plus not drinking enough water leads to male cats having a problem with bladder infection and kidney problems and blockage leading to death. I just didn't know and I wish to hell had taken him the moment we realized he wasn't feeling quite right. He is just so stoic and doesn't wine and complain. He just wanted to be alone which actually isn't that unusual for him.

I had him at the vet at 7:30 this morning when they opened their doors. But it may be too late. There is a small chance that with iv fluids for 24 to 48 hours his kidneys could come back online and he will be fine. But there is a good chance he won't and this might be the end.

I am not dealing with that very well right now as I feel totally responsible for not getting him help sooner. I will post more tomorrow when they let me know if his kidneys are getting better or not.


~E said...

I love Sam/Purrsymphony. I am sending up every good thought I have. I even forwarded your email - I usually delete the fowards but I thought it couldn't hurt. :)

Blocking in male cats happens so fast and unless you know what to look for you wouldn't guess that something so serious is happening. The same thing happened to Simon last year and it is a lesson I won't forget. It is odd to me that vets don't educate those who have male cats - how hard is it to mention?

Regardless, I am willing Sam better!!!

I am thinking of you all - especially since I have "Sam is a catttt... meow meow meow" playing in my head.

Julie said...

I'm sorry, I hope that he rebounds 100%. I know how hard it is when our dear little pets are sick. But don't blame yourself! Our pets can't talk and it's hard to know we need to get them help until they are really really bad off.
Sending healthy kitty vibes your way.

eefolsom said...

Wow Marsha, the same thing happened to me exactly one year ago today. My "divorce kitty" who was only two got blocked up while I was out of town. My beloved husband spent an entire night in the vet emergency clinic and $500 later we still had to let him go. I am SO sorry for you. It broke my heart and you are an animal lover as I am and I know he is a true family member. I will keep Sam kitty in my prayers.

Fire Berry said...

AGH! I am so sorry!!! We're keeping the very best thoughts in mind for perfect healing for Sam!!!

Love and Light,