Monday, June 02, 2008

Blog Laziness

I am so lazy right now. Don't want to clean my house, fold my laundry or update my blog. I just want to sit around and watch tv or read. Does doing a show take so much out of you that it turns you lazy? In my case, I think so. It isn't unusual, and this show takes a lot of work. The actual performing, the quick changes and the heat. The heat really zaps you. It is hard to describe the experience of needing help to peel the soaking negligee off of your back so you can get into the non-breathable doggette costume over top of the next ho costume over top of the thick dance bod tights that are holding everything in. I worried in the beginning with all the layers and strapped into a mic that I would have to pee in the middle of the show. But that is no problem. No AC in the dressing barn along with the running around of the show means we sweat buckets. No peeing needed.

It is fun, too. But it is really draining. After a weekend of shows I feel like I need a day off. I actually took one today. I woke up with a headache and was just generally drained. So I stayed home and played with Jackson and napped and inflated the new backyard pool we got for him. He splashed around for a while, but for him to really get some fun out of it, I need to get some kids over here to get in with him. A kiddie pool is a lonely place all by yourself, I think.

Sunday next week I will be speaking at a survivor's day luncheon at a country club in Georgetown. I got a call at the Palace last week from the Breast Cancer resource center lady, Marjorie, who was scheduled to speak but can't. I have a show Sunday at 2:00 and the luncheon is at 12:30 which will be cutting it really, really close. But I talked to the director and she said to do it. So I will have someone do my mic check on Sunday and I will try to leave the event by 1:10, get to the Palace at 1:30 and be onstage at 2:00. That means I need to pre-set all my costumes and props before the speech, but since I have a theatre key I can get in there myself if I need to. I really want to do the speech, since my last event was tornadoed out. I only need to tweak the speech a little and see if I can get the gown from Ramona's. I can wear my dance tights under it and be in full make-up - minus the whorish extra glitter and shiner on my right eye.

What else is news in my world? Laziness abounds. I caught up on my tv shows last week by watching them all online. I love that I can just go about my business and still watch some tv when I get to it. I should really get into the modern times and get a DVR, but I am cheap and don't want to pay for it. Same with the HD tv. I have a kick-ass HD TV and won't spring for the HD programming cause they want to charge me a couple hundred for the upgraded receiver - not counting the service itself. I just don't want to pay it. Dammit, if I were a new customer they would put it all in for free and rub my feet on the way out. But since I am under contract they want to screw me and I say fuck them. I can't do it. So no HD for me - except what David manages to get using a good old fashioned pair of rabbit ears. We actually do pick up several channels that way, but I just don't bother mostly.

I really need to do some housework and I am stalling again. So lazy.

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