Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sorry Dad

I haven't blogged much this week and my Dad called to complain. Says he thinks there is something wrong when I don't check in all the time. So I'd better post to let everyone know that I am doing well.

I stopped by the costume shop last weekend and tried on the red gown I want to wear to the Relay for Life on Friday. And to my surprise, it zipped. I haven't really lost weight according to the scale, but I think I have become a bit leaner since rehearsals started. The dress is still very tight through my ribcage, so Ronni is going to see if she can't ooch me and inch or so out of the zipper. Ooch. I like saying that. Ooch...

I took Jackson to get his hair cut today at Penny's. He did so well. He sat in the chair and let them put the cape on him. The lady who did the cutting has a two-year-old herself so was wonderful in talking to him and working with him. He wiggled too much, but held still when it really counted and even let her use the clippers around his ears. I really wanted to get it done today since he gets his picture take tomorrow at school and I didn't want to immortalize his hair in his eyes.

I don't really feel like blogging right now. I feel like having some ice cream. So that is what I am going to do. (Ronni, you workin on that dress?)


Ronni said...

Ramona has given me the morning off, so it will be ready tomorrow afternoon.

We had to get "The Music Man" out today, and it was huge. We even worked Monday.

I just have to put the zipper back in. I squoze about another inch out of it and took up the shoulders.

Ronni said... the store. You can pick your gown up after 2.

Husband said...

Blogging presents an interesting conundrum at times. Sometimes the wife wants to vent about things going on in her life that are eminently bloggable, but does not because she does not want to hurt anyone's feelings or come across as perpetually angry or complainy. So let it be noted that husband steps in at these times to give wife sounding board and release and protect the general public. Even when he's already been in bed soundly sleeping. So please don't upset wife. Husband already has son who wakes up 3 times a night to talk about spatulas and crabby patties.