Friday, April 11, 2008

Counts and Taps

Jackson is sick. Running a pretty good fever. I always know he is sick when he sits still for any measure of time. Small boy not running a mile a minute and I usually know to check for a fever. I needed to get my labs done today and had a few things I needed to do at work, so I asked David if he could come home to be with the boy. Plus it is Friday and I figured he could use the reprieve from afternoon traffic. So he came home at noon and I went to get my brood draw. counts are good. WBC is 4.0 - low end of normal. But normal. I told all the folks at the Cancer Center about the show and they all planned right then and there to come see it as a group on May 30th. Even Dr. Bunch, who isn't even my doctor, though she saw me twice in the hospital, is coming. Very cool.

Rehearsals are going well. Though we are going a bit slower than makes me comfortable. I am afraid that taking our time now will lead to the time crunch marathon rehearsals later. But with a big show that seems to be inevitable and I have seen my share of shows come together at the last minute. I would just prefer to be right on pace.

The dancing has been interesting. Interesting because the choreographer seems to disagree with my assessment that my dancing is hopeless. She has put me in the Doggette number which has tap, sexy stuff and a flashlight dance yet to be choreographed. She chose six girls for the dance line and I was one of them. Ok, then. Our dance captain, Jessie, is incredibly talented and promises to help me learn the tap. She is a great teacher, really knows how to break down each step. She says she has taught harder choreography to 4-year-olds so she is sure she can teach me this stuff. Course 4-year-olds don't have a lifetime full of 'I can't dance' voices screaming in their heads so I am not sure that is really a comfort. I'll keep you posted on my progress. I may need to go tap shoe shopping as I am the only one in the group that doesn't have them. But then again, perhaps not putting taps on my shoes would make my mistakes less audible...hmmm.

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michael said...

Marsha, just think of it as payback for turning me into a dancing bear in the Madcap Madness. I'm smiling, not laughing. I enjoyed every step as I'm sure you will.