Monday, March 10, 2008

Two Things

Two news stories today made me want to rant a little.

First, the answer to our health-care crisis is right under our noses. It's in our drinking water! Studies are showing that much of our water supply is contaminated with prescription drugs. So all of you without health insurance, drink up! There's sure to be something in there to cure whatever ails you. Tada! I should run for president.

Or Governor.

That seems to afford you all kinds of perks. You get to be "involved" in prostitution rings. What? You don't? Oh. Well then, you just apologize, and say "My bad" and everything will be ok. And your doormat of a wife will stand behind you at a press conference where you apologize.

I don't get it. Why do these women attend the press conference? I am not saying she should leave him. It is her marriage to deal with. Either it is over or it isn't. But damn. Does she get no time to be pissed off a little bit? No time to say "Hey, I'm really hurt right now and I don't want to stand behind you on TV."

I would never stand behind him at the press conference. I would hold my own press conference. I'd probably curse him publicly for humiliating me and ruining his own career and the stability of our family. Then I would announce that I would be out of touch on a retreat spending a great deal of his earnings and would discuss counseling and the possible saving of our marriage when I got back.

But no. I would never stand behind a cheating, lying man at a press conference. Not even for the 4 million dollar purple diamond ring Kobe Bryant's wife got after his press conference.

I'd take the damn ring in payment for the public humiliation. But I still wouldn't attend the press conference.


Fire Berry said...

NO SH*T! I wish we same sex couples could take folks to the bank like that. Ewwww... I might have, during a more bitter and unforgiving time in my life, taken my ex to task in the way you have described.

And I see you are back to your self, that outstanding, righteously indignant, couldn't have been any other way to make it through that fight with cancer, self!

You're a gift!

~E said...

The first thing I thought was why is she standing there behind him while he blows smoke?

I totally agree with what you wrote. He f-ed up, and by choice, there is no reason to further humilate his wife. I don't get it. It just sucks.

Michelle D said...

M, I love reading your blog, such conviction and many funnies. The cheating husband thing really has me angry with women in general who can put on a show like that. What is she teaching her daughters? What did Hillary Clinton teach her daughter? That it's okay for a man to treat you like garbage. In fact, you can further humiliate yourself by standing with him in a position of support for his philandering ways...

Ronni said...

I would do what you would do...

...or maybe just leave, and let him come and give me stuff and promise me eternal fidelity...and say...

NO. I'll take the stuff, but you're on your own.

Jooley Ann said...

Yes, absolutely! I don't get it either. It pisses me off royally that he didn't have to twist in the wind ALL ALONE.

As you said, their marriage is their thing to sort out, but he absolutely should've faced the public without anyone by his side. After all, he managed to slink off to DC all on his lonesome for a $5k roll in the hay.

UGH. The entire thing is so aggravating.