Wednesday, February 06, 2008


We are in the process of looking for a pre-school for Jackson to attend a few mornings a week. I am having a hard time finding programs online. I google pre-schools in Georgetown and one place comes up. I am certain there is more than one pre-school in G'town. But there doesn't seem to be many. Daycare centers are plentiful, but if you aren't looking for all day five days a week, your options are basically limited to what local churches have to offer. I want to find something in Georgetown so I can drop him off in the morning, head to the Palace to do some work and then pick him up after lunch and bring him back for his nap.

Jackson and I stopped by the Grace Episcopal Preschool on Tuesday to check out their program. It looked nice. They have built an addition specifically for the school. Nice sized rooms, great playground and nice people. Good price too. The only downside is that they keep an Elementary school calendar, they are open September thru May, nothing in the summer. So I can sign him up starting in March to begin attending in September. If I get there before it is filled up, that is. I would like to find something that he can start now. He was so excited on the visit, he wanted to go in and play with the kids. He was so mad at me when we left. He cried for 20 minutes that he wanted to "go to schoooool!" I don't want him to remain isolated till September. The poor boy was forced into isolation when I got cancer. He wasn't allowed to be around kids and their germs. Now that I am not taking chemo, it is time for him to get out there and play.

I would love to send him to Montessori, but it is pretty darn expensive. I need to check out the Georgetown Montessori to see what they run, but I bet it is too much. I may pick up more hours at the Palace if we get him in a program, but that probably won't be enough to pay for it. We shall see. I also have to find some place that is not so strict on the potty training. I have seen some places that have a cut-off at 3 years old - No diapers on 3-year-olds. I would love to say that Jackson will be trained by 3, but his birthday is in July and so far he is quite resistant to the idea of the potty. Not interested. So what is that? Five months? Hmmmmm. Doesn't seem likely.

David has been tired lately, going to bed early. Last night he went to bed at 9:00 and tonight he hit the sack at 8:15! He got up super early this morning to prepare for a presentation so I understand why he is tired. But damn. I feel so abandoned. I hate being up by myself. Reminds me of the brief time I spent living alone in my own apartment. I hated it. Although I will say my place was spotless nearly all the time. Bed made in the morning, my two dishes a day washed right after dinner. It was nice. Not like right this second, with the vast amounts of toy cars strewn about and the dishes in the sink. Not sure why that is. Why would I be a neat freak when living alone? Must have been boredom and loneliness. I hate sitting up by myself. I don't mind being up late, I prefer it, actually, to getting up early. I even enjoyed (mostly) my time with baby Jackson, sitting in my recliner nursing him and watching MASH episodes really quietly at 2:00 in the morning.

Ah, those were the days, when I could cuddle, snuggle and kiss on the boy and he couldn't complain at all. Or run from me screaming "Noooo kissseeessss!

I still can't get blogger to spellcheck and now I can't upload the picture I sent to Coping Magazine. Well, trust me, Joni did a good job. I'll share if/when blogger lets me. What gives?


Ronni said...

With Brendan, I waited till he was three, and the whole process to about four hours. For about 20 minutes, the poor kid thought he was not supposed to pee anywhere, but he got over that.

Montessori is the best I've ever seen, but the cost is usually prohibitive.

Still, I went to one and could read a newspaper by the time I was five. They taught numbers on an abacus, so kids get an idea right off about placement of zeros in large numbers, etc.

yer mama said...

Some montessoris include potty training as part of their education.

There is a state database that lists all licensed day cares and preschools.

Fire Berry said...

Aw shucks! Thanks for mentioning me... again. Montessori rules.