Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Sometimes your pants just fall down

Poor Jackson. Such a skinny boy. He is 2 1/2 years old 18 month size pants are too big in the waist. 12 month pants fit in the waist but are waaaayyy too short for him. And most of the pants we have are 24 month size hand-me-downs from my sister's boys and the new clothes Susanne has given him. So the boy wears big pants. He does. Baggy and long. Perhaps that makes him trendy. But when you wear too big pants they occasionally wiggle off your butt and end up around your ankles. Especially when you like to dance, like Jackson Boy. Poor baby.

We took the boy to Chucky Cheese this evening. He woke up cranky from his nap and we quickly realized that we could get out of the house and take him somewhere or we could sit at home and listen to his crabby demands all afternoon. We would get tired of it and he would get in trouble and have numerous time-outs. Very tiring. So out we went.

It was fun. There really aren't that many games geared toward small fry like Jackson. There are a few though, and he had a good time. He quickly mastered putting the token in the slot to pay for a game. I was impressed. David was so patient with him, holding him up so he could try to throw basketballs, played skeeball with him and generally just played with him. He is such a good daddy. We are lucky, Jackson and I.

So it is January the first of a whole new year. I do believe this is a welcome event in my household. New year equals renewed health and vitality, I hope. I ordered an exercise DVD on amazon to start working on my strength and stamina. And to make sure I can fit into all those clothes I bought while on chemo brain this summer. As it stands I am somewhat limited in wardrobe do to the uncomfortable tightness that the season's great and plentiful food did not help. But what the hey, that is what Christmas is for, yes? Good food and lots of desserts. January is for dieting. (February is for going to New York City!! So exciting.)

We didn't have any advanced plans for New Year's Eve. We didn't have a sitter so couldn't go to the party we were invited to. But at the last minute we decided to have a couple of friends who also didn't have plans over for some dinner and games. Cliff & Mary Ellen got a Wii for Christmas and brought that over. Elaine and David played a boxing game that was quite physical and David has been really sore all day. Makes me think we should get a Wii and send back the work-out DVD.

I am going back to work tomorrow. I am a little nervous, it has been so long. But I am ready to get out there and do some productive work again. We are having a big meeting at 11:30 tomorrow to work on details to implement going to computer sales. I had planned to take Jackson out to my mom's in the morning so he would be out of the way for the big meeting. But Mom called yesterday to tell me that she and Tonya have the crud and wouldn't be able to watch him. I don't want him to get sick, and they can't run after the boy when they aren't feeling well. So he comes with me. I'll take some markers and a coloring book with me and hopefully it will work out fine. He naps starting around 12:30ish when we are at work, so he should be sleeping most of the afternoon.

So wish me luck. I'm going back out into the world.


KT said...

Hi Marsha, thanks for coming to visit me at my blog! I just read your post about pants (my 21-month-old has the opposite problem: big tummy, short legs!), and also about going back to work. I hope your day went well. I will come back and read more when I have a chance, right now I need to grab a cup of tea before the littlest one wakes up! Take care, and thanks again for visiting. I look forward to reading more about your journey. Katie

Fire Berry said...

Luckily for Jack-Man, loose pants are an(unfortunate)fashion trend. Gabe wears his just as loose, and below his hips! LOL!

Hope your first day back at work was fantastic!