Friday, November 23, 2007


I drove to my Dad's yesterday with Jackson. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive, but I was sure I could make it on my own. Packing and loading the car was another issue. My Mom came over Wednesday afternoon to help me. She made it a lot easier and I didn't have to waste any of my energy doing it myself. I have no stamina right now. I feel good, just get really tired, body tired, when I do too much. And it doesn't take much to be too much. Luckily Jackson and I had an uneventful, pleasant drive. It felt good to be doing something that real people do. You know, people that didn't get out of the hospital on Tuesday.

My sister and her two boys and my brother and his two girls were at my Dad's as well. Jackson had the most fun I have ever seen him have tearing around the house with all the kids, chasing after them and climbing on them. They were all good sports and included him and played with him. He was exhausted Wed night when I finally got him to be at a quarter to nine. He had a great time.

Thursday we had our big thanksgiving turkey meal around noon with my Mom and Grandma joining us. Mom laughs that people tend to look at her funny when she says she is going to her ex-husband's house for Thanksgiving. But I am glad they get along well enough to pull it off. We just all want to be together and it is a rare treat.

I took off for Sray Central about 3:30 yesterday. My Sister and Dad packed my car for me and even got it warmed up. Jackson and I had another pleasant drive to Harker Heights. We got here just in time for another Turkey Dinner. Can't beat that.

My new laptop came in on Wed and David spent some time setting it up for me. So when I got here, I got to play with it and have declared it a beautiful piece of machinery which I fully deserve. This is my I had to be in the damned hospital for five days and missed an important-to-me audition and Hairspray for which I had $100 tickets. I also have a hole in my face. I deserve this laptop and give many thanks to its providers. Yippee!

Jackson has been the boy who wouldn't eat the last couple of days. Too much going on , with the kids and all the people. He just would not stop to eat. Refused all offerings of turkey. I hope next year he will understand the rare yumminess of a Thanksgiving meal and chow down with everyone else.

I am still working on the epic telling of the Toxic Pimple Saga. I'll post it when I finish, but I gotta warn you, it's gonna be long and may contain graphic imagery.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society called me to ask if I was interested in being one of their Honored Hero Patients for the upcoming fundraising season. Basically this is a team mascot in honor of whom people run marathons or triathlons. Not sure what else it entails, but I sent in my bio paperwork. We shall see what comes of it. I told them I would be happy to attend events and meetings, but I would probably have to come as the Chemo Queen. I think she deserves a repeat performance. Plus I have to promote my non-profit, right?

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving holiday. I am so damned happy to not be in the hospital, this is probably my best holiday ever!

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A lot to be Thankful for...