Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jackson decided that for Halloween this year he was going to be stubborn. No costume. No way. I have blogged about how he simply must be in charge of his own wardrobe, having to choose his own clothes every day. He is really quite firm that he get to decide. So David and I were pretty certain we would not be allowed to dress him in a silly costume and take adorable pictures and go trick or treating for the first time. And we were right on.

The best we could do was a black shirt and some cute pumpkin socks. No dice on the big pumpkin I bought for him to wear over the black shirt. No dice on a reprise of the chicken costume from last year. Sigh. Very disappointing. But very, very typical Jackson. David and I pouted for a while about it, but as Jackson got such a kick out of handing out candy, we got over it...a little.

Jackson got so excited about the kids coming into the yard and coming to the door for candy. He would run out to meet them, waving in their faces saying "Hi, Hi, Hi!" Then we'd give them candy and they'd say "thank you" and he would run after them alternately saying "you're welcome!" and "tick or teet!" He didn't even care that we were giving away the candy he was so desperately into.

He managed to get a few pieces of chocolate and some sweet tarts. And he was pretty wired on candy. Here he is in mid-candy dance. He would dance, dance, dance, up and down the sidewalk waiting for the kids to come. He had a ball. Too bad he wasn't in a super-cute costume.

I wore a real Kimono that someone donated to the Palace this spring. It somehow got stored in my closet, I am not sure how that happened. : ) It was a little snug, but David helped me get it buttoned and I put on some Geisha-ish make-up real quick as it got dark.

David wore his ducky pajama pants and his "A is for Jerks" T-shirt and looked real cute. All in all, we had a decent time handing out candy. I am just excited for next year, when Jackson may humor us and wear a costume and we can go trick-or-treating.


yer mama said...

Last year Henry was sick on Halloween so a few weeks after the actual day we got his costume on him and snapped pictures. Maybe jackson will want to wear his costume another day!

I love that dress! You look great!

Ronni said...

When Aidan was 2, Brendan was 10, and going out as Harry Potter. I made this super cute white owl suit for Aidan to wear so that he could be Hedwig.

No dice. Same thing as Jackson.

BTW, your garment is a cheongsam. I have no idea if that's how you spell it. It looks lovely.

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