Friday, August 10, 2007

The TV is here and boy is it beautiful. I feel so indulgent and spoiled, but I think I will get over that really quickly.

We picked up the TV without much trouble at EGL near the airport. Had to get past a security gate and back the car up a long ramp to the huge warehouse. While we waited for the guys to bring out the TV, we watched the men working to unload one of the many trucks that were there. They drove around on these orange forklift/go cart things. And they were hauling booty! The floor was slick and shiny concrete and the merchandise was arranged in numbered rows with enough room for these little forklift cars to maneuver in between them. And the men were tearing around corners and spinning out and honking at each other and flashing their lights and just generally being not careful and driving way too fast. And the cars themselves were beat to shit. The paint on them scratched off and dented. But when they drove by us, I could tell by their faces just how much fun they were having. Driving with what seemed to me to be just enough control not to damage anything is probably the perk of the job that keeps them coming back everyday. Not a bad perk if the little boy inside you never got enough of the bumper cars at the carnival.

Luckily when they drove our TV over, the driver was smart enough to drive slowly and carefully. You don't come tearing out with a customer's new TV on board. It arrived undamaged and safe.

We stopped at Target on the way home and bought the TV stand we had been looking at online. Initially, we were upset because we thought it was $30 more in the store. The tag on the shelf said so. But the dates on the tag said price valid 1/6 - 2/11. David saw a tag lying on the floor nearby and picked it up. Sure enough, it was the real tag with the Sale price one it valid for a few more days. We managed to get the TV stand packed in Mom's Santa Fe, next to the TV with maybe an inch to spare.

My sister, Jen, was a huge help in getting things set up and put together. She also helped me go through my dozens of VHS tapes and make a Half-Price Books box. She is good at getting rid of things. I need a little help in that regard from time to time.

When the TV was all set up, David put on my favorite Dave Matthews concert DVD; the 2003 concert in Central Park. When I took pictures, the camera got perfect still shots of Dave Matthews and the band and one great one of Boyd Tinsley with his back to the camera playing his electric violin. Nice arms that man has.

Oh, in the picture of me standing by the TV, I simply have to tell you that the doll and the unicorn are mine. The stuffed and rubber chickens belong to my husband.


David said...

The skeleton lights hanging in the hall are mine too, thankyouverymuch!

Jooley Ann said...

Daaang, that is one nice TV!! *And* TV stand! Your old one looks so puny.... Heh!

~E said...

The little sheep key chains and the girlie pants are also David's!!

Ronni said...

And the teal suit belongs to Ramona! LOL!

Marsha, I shaved my head last fall when the daughter of a friend of Vanessa's was going through just what you are right now, but she was only 11 and shaving her head terrified her. So I shaved mine, too.

She looked gorgeous. I, on the other hand...

By the way, she is recovering nicely from osteosarcoma.

Fire Berry said...

oh, I took the photograph on the mantel.