Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I got my wig today and had it cut to suit me. It was pretty poofy out of the box, but Bonnie really thinned it out nicely so it doesn't overpower me. I like it. I am having a hard time getting a picture that does it justice. I think it looks much better in person and tucked behind an ear. But on the picture it looks like I have elf ears and it just doesn't read well in general. So much better in person. But I am posting a couple of the best we could get for your enjoyment. I do like that depending on how I comb it or tuck it behind one or both ears it can look sweet and wholesome or a little bit sexy. I am not sure how much I will wear it, I think I will most likely alternate between head wraps, hats, baldness and wig, depending on the temperature outside and how I feel.

Today was a pretty good day. Felt pretty good except for the atrocious poison saliva thing and I tire out pretty easily. But all in all, it looks like I am going to rebound faster from this round of chemo than I did the first one. I am in much better shape going into it both physically and emotionally. Last night was rough. I felt pretty crappy. But last round when I felt that bad I had a breakdown about hair loss and having cancer in general and cried for an hour. This time I just whined a bit and wished it were over. So this is good. It remains to be seen what the bone pain will be like this time. Better or same, I don't know. Time will tell.

Jackson came home tonight after his 3 day chemo sabbatical with David's folks. They said he behaved very well and didn't throw a whole bunch of fits and went to bed without a fuss and ate plenty. He looked at me for a long time in my new wig before he came and talked to me. He took the first haircut in stride and then the buzzing barely fazed him, but coming home after three days to the new wig in a darker shade than my old hair just was too much. He probably wants to know what the hell gives. Why does he have to deal with Mommy looking different every time he turns around. Geez louise, enough already. But by bedtime he was fine. Wonder what he will think in the morning when I get him out of bed and I am bald again. Poor little guy. Guess I will have to show him the wig and put it on in front of him a few times. Then he will just come to understand that sometimes I am bald, sometimes I wear hats and head wraps and sometimes I wear a hair hat.

I have been drinking water like crazy today to test the theory that being really hydrated will both make me feel better and dilute the poison spit affliction and ya know what? I think it is working. I seem to be having some relief from the nasty taste and it isn't so cloyingly thick. So yes. Hydrate, flush the system, feel better.

But for good measure, my Dad is bringing me a case of Extra sugar free cinnamon gum. This is the perfect flavor for cutting the bad taste. And he had some at his grocery store in Santa Anna, so SCORE! Thanks Dad, you are my hero as usual! i can't wait to spend the next couple of days with you!


eefolsom said...

Wow Marsha, I can't wait to see the wig in person if it looks this great in pics! It's really you. And that third picture....ooooh girl, sexy mama!

Jooley Ann said...

Yeah, no kidding! That is one really great wig. Cool!