Sunday, August 12, 2007

I bought 4 new pair of shoes yesterday. But I got them at Payless for $47 so you can't really say I went overboard. I haven't bought more than one or two pair of shoes since two summers ago. I was due for a style upgrade. And they were way on sale. I sound like such a suburbanite. Me and my shoe purchases. Oh well. At least I didn't mortgage the house for them.

Andrea' spent the whole day with me yesterday. She was an instigator at the shoe store, of course. She was with me when I took David's costume back to Ramona's. It was way overdue - his show closed July 2nd - but she didn't give us any trouble. I think she was very happy to see me and that I am really OK. Such a great lady. Andrea' had never been to her costume shop and was blown away at the sheer bulk of costumes and variety she has available. It isn't a shop, it is a warehouse of fun. Ramona gave me a special gift while I was there. She doesn't like people to know just how kind and generous she is, and as usual when she does something nice for me, she told me not to tell anyone. So I can't tell you what exactly she gave me, but suffice it to say it is an amazing gift that I will enjoy on many occasions to come. It is nice to have good friends. I have really been shown just how many good friends I have in the last month. It is awesome.

Today we had a few people over to celebrate my, David's and Elaine's birthdays. Everyone is sure impressed with our new TV. I see TV envy forming in a few minds. Just like me, they might go home and covet, covet, covet until such a purchase becomes necessary. Heh. I expect the price of these TV's to drop a lot in the upcoming months and in a year we will probably cry at how much less they are than they are today. But that is OK. Happy birthday to me.

My in-laws once again bought me way too much for my birthday. Tons of new tops, bath stuff, a new purse, a nice, big salad bowl and tongs. Elaine got me a Mary Kay gift certificate and some cool retro books and Mary Ellen & Cliff gave me a gorgeous cram and black strapless dress and a bag to go with it. I am so spoiled lately. I'll soon have a whole new wardrobe to go along with my new shoes.

I did sport one of my new head wraps today. I don't mind running around bald at home, but it is nice to have something to wear when I don't want to. I have to get a few more. Everyone says my head looks good. That not everyone can pull off the bald look. Course I never really asked for it. Never said, 'Hey, I think I would look as good as Natalie Portman bald, I think I'll shave my head.' But it is nice to see the sincerity in my friends when they say I look great bald. Since I don't have a choice in the matter, I guess it is a perk to have a nice, round head...which my husband can't stop petting. He asked me if I mind. I don't. He can pet my head if he wants to. The rest of you had better ask first, though. My head is like a pregnant lady's belly - it calls to you to touch it, but you'd better think twice before reaching out. Reminds me of the line from Steel Magnolias, "Reach out to Ouiser and you'll pull back a bloody stump." Heh.

Jackson went home with David's folks for a few days. Tomorrow is my birthday and David and I will probably go see a movie or something. It is my last day of feel-goodedness for at least a week, maybe two. So I want to enjoy it. Tuesday morning at 9:00 I get my second infusion of chemo. Sigh. I at least know what to expect a little. But maybe not. The doc told me that each round can be different. I may react differently. Maybe better, maybe worse. I just gotta take it one day at a time. I feel like the hardest part is over. My hair is gone. The big procedures are done for a while. Hopefully I can get into a routine and before we know it, I will be done.

I suppose it is bedtime now. And I can sleep in a little without the little boy to wake me up. I miss him already, even though he has been a handful the last few days. He is getting his two-year molars and he becomes so unreasonable at times. Motrin seems to help and I sent plenty with Omi, so hopefully he doesn't cause them too much stress. He will come home on Wednesday. I will miss him.

He helped us open presents today. He recognized them for what they were when they came in the door, his birthday being not so long ago. "Presents!" He cried when he saw them. He must have been sure there were all kinds of new toys in those gift bags. Alas, there were only tops and other uninteresting things. But he enjoyed the bags as you can see from the pics.

Ok. Bedtime. Only an hour til I am 31. Do I have to claim it? Can't I just say I'm 29 again?

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Ronni said...

Happy Birthday Marsha, and best wishes for many more!