Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello from the ranks of the terminally slow. My body is back in that 'doesn't want to move' state. "No really," I have to tell it. "I really do want you to stand now and walk. Keep going. That's it."

I woke up this morning with my cheeks kind of swollen and puffy. My mouth has once again been ravaged by the chemo. Could be worse, I read lots of chemo patients have terrible mouth sores and can hardly eat. I just have swollen-raw-mouth and a crazy-intense sour gland function that makes the first several bites or drinks of anything painful. Just get through that though, and it eases enough to make eating possible. Course nothing tastes quite right. But I know that in a few days I will hopefully have some functioning taste buds back.

Today Mary Ellen picked me up and took me for a manicure and pedicure at the nail salon she goes to. My Mom was quite leary of the idea, because I have to be so careful about exposing myself to infection. And I have had pedicures that were a little rough. Even had one sadistic man draw blood on my big toe, he dug so deep. And that was my wedding day. So after consultation with nurse Mom, last night I tended my nails myself. Filed them the way I like and got them ready so all the mani/pedicurist would need to do is a little buffing, some cuticle work and that glorious foot/calf rub they do so well. And a nice paint job.

So I managed to get more than a little bit pampered and still avoid open wounds at the nail salon. Course it was a little difficult to ensure that the gal understood me. English is not her first language, and I am pretty sure she just though I was a high maintainence control freak when we kept trying to explain to her "file only, do not cut." I finally lifted the egde of my sassy new wig and said. "I have cancer, I cannot get an infection." I think she either got the message or just decided I was nutso and let it go. Either way it was a nice treat. Thanks Mary Ellen!

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