Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So I am a little less annoyed this morning after my google advice breakdown. It was just for me, the last straw in the parenting advice realm. David and I were discussing it and how it seems that for every toddler problem, the internet has one solution - make a game out of it. Can't get your kid to help pick up his toys - game. Won't eat? Game. Won't dress? Game.

I guess I just got fed up with the pervasive idea that I have to be my son's 24 hour entertainment director instead of his mom. When do we stop playing games and simply enforce acceptable behavior? Why does everything have to be fun - at my expense? I shouldn't have to do things that I don't want to do just so my toddler can have fun doing the things he doesn't want to do. I am an adult and I have earned the right to make my happiness come first. And what would make me happy is to get dressed and brushed and changed quickly and efficiently so that we can get on with the real fun in life -those things outside the realm of hygiene.

Sigh. I guess I am not less annoyed after all.

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Ronni said...

Don't be less annoyed.

What society needs is more parents who are not afraid to be tough in the first place, withut using toughness as a last resort.

I'm a fine one to talk, really, because the girls grew up with a lot of problems. However, I did learn a few things in the process, and have had good back-up from both Jim and Jimmy, and Brendan is going through a lot less difficulty than C and V did.