Thursday, March 22, 2007

No white before Memorial day? God I hate this crap. Just saw a whole feature on one of the morning shows about it. Apparently Merideth Viera wore white pants last week and received a shocking number of emails about how you aren't supposed to wear white till after Memorial day and only until Labor day. Of course the fashion experts they asked all said the same thing. The rules are old and stupid. Stop worrying about it. But all the women on the street insisted that the rules were valid and they couldn't let them go.

I find the whole thing so fricken stupid, I can hardly stand it. Probably because I live in Texas, the land of 2 seasons. Common sense wise, especially in past generations, it probably was simply smart dressing to leave your white shoes in the closet till all the snow was melted and the spring rains gave way to summer. Less opportunity for your white clothes to get stained and dirty.

But come on. It shouldn't be such a hard and fast rule that people - women - freak out about it and judge other women because of it.

I remember trying to help a college friend find something to wear for a date. She just couldn't find something suitable. Mostly because she was from a northern state and couldn't catch a grip that it was ok to wear a short sleeve, knee length dress in November. "It's out of season, it's out of season." She kept chirping at me. I never did get through to her that, yes it is November, but it is still 90 fricken degrees outside, cuase we are in Texas, wear the fricken dress already. I don't remember what she wore. Probably a sweater or something equally sweltering and 'in season.'

Sigh. I never fit in very well to female culture. This kind of stuff really bothers me. We love to make rules and classify other women based on their ability to follow them. I don't want to follow the rules on principle. So there.

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jooley_ann said...

Yeah, and you know what bugs me the most about this stuff? It makes women look shallow and preoccupied with all sorts of stupid nonsense. *sigh*