Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have had a couple of great events happen in the last week. It is really nice to have something positive to blog about!

First, I filmed a commercial yesterday! I got a call last week to appear in a Dady Insurance spot. They are a local Georgetown company and they called the Palace looking for a couple of actors, and I was one of the lucky ones. The commercial was a "one size does not fit all" theme. There were four of us in it -husband, wife and two kids. We all wore similar business suits that didn't fit. I was swimming in mine, as were the kids, and my friend Ron wore a ridiculously small suit. And we all acted as if nothing was wrong. Then they shot us at the Dady Insurance office seated across from the kindly salesman who was taking great care of us.

I had a really good time. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't do well, cause my film experience is limited to the Industrial they shot at St. David's 8 years ago and working an on-camera phone bank for KLRU. But I shouldn't have worried. I am savvy enough to know not to look at the camera and to be aware of the camera at the same time. Plus it was mostly action, I had only one line - "Goodbye dear" - not something easily messed up. Ron and I got a kick out of the fact that when we got there they said "Oh, the talent is here." We laughed good and hard at that one. We are stage actors, we aren't used to being treated with such respect. Ha Ha.

After we finished shooting, the producer said to email him and he would get us copies of the spot and to include a headshot and resume. He said he will consider us for future projects. Time Warner produced the commercial, and they do so for a lot of regional businesses apparently. Cool! I would love to do more. It was fun and I think I did well, at least they had very little to say to me other than "on this take, do it the same way." So I will probably send the spot and a resume to a local agency, see if anyone else wants to give me a shot. Could be fun.

This commercial will air on CNN, and ESPN 1 and 2. I guess they are going for a male head-of-household type demographic. Course in my house, insurance and similar decisions are mostly mine. David and I discuss things, but it usually end with him saying "Whatever you think is fine." He doesn't mind at all not having to worry about researching such things. I am the bill payer in my house. Sorry Dady insurance, unless you show the spot during ice skating, I probably won't get your message.

The second cool thing to happen this week began with my friend Lynn requesting to use one of my monologues in her audition for the Scottish Rite Children's Theatre company auditions. I figured since it is children's shows, she should do The Glass Slipper - my piece written from the glass slipper's point of view about the terrible time she had being tried on so many feet. Lynn must have done a good job with it, because she got a callback. And the company manager wanted my contact information. She contacted me for a copy of the monologue because she liked it so much, and she asked me to write the script for their Robin Hood show that goes up this Spring! And it just so happens that they have already contracted my soul sister, Andrea' to direct Robin Hood. How cool is that? I've already sent over a preliminary plot sketch broken into scenes and I am beginning work on the script itself. I have written many monologues, but this will be my first play. And to already have an intent to produce it is simply amazing!

I feel very lucky today. I have never won a raffle. Never won a door prize. In fact I may be the only woman in history to attend a Bridal Extravaganza and not win a single thing. I don't even bother with the lottery. I always say that I don't have that kind of luck. But I don't feel sorry for myself because I know that I am lucky in other ways. This week is an example of that.


The Holmes said...

Con-freakin-grats, yo.

Fire Berry said...

This is fan FREAKING tastic!

I want to audition. HA!

uh.. yeah.. there's so many women in Robin Hood.

I am so proud of you, please and happy for you!!!!

You didn't mention this last night!

Ronni said...

Congratulations, Marsha! I am so happy for you! You have an amazing talent, I'm glad to see you bringing it out from under the bushel!

Nasia said...

Thanks for writing this.