Friday, December 29, 2006

I just read that Saddam Hussein has been hanged in Iraq. Why does that make me feel nothing but sadness? I'm sure he was as bad a person as they say he was. Responsible for much pain, suffering and death. Perhaps it is the hanging that bothers me. Maybe it is the fact that his trial just ended and this means he gets no appeal like Americans do. Maybe we need the passage of time to feel numbness about executing someone. Like 12 years from now, they'll kill Scott Peterson and we'll all just shrug and go on.

I don't know. I just feel sad. I read today that his execution was imminent and I tried not to think about it. Cause I couldn't shunt aside the fact that he is a person and he must be scared to know that he was shortly going to be hanged. I am sure that isn't an easy way to go. Man. He was allegedly the source of so much evil and I just feel a painful empathy for the scared and alone man preparing himself for his death after a trial that could have had no other outcome.

Maybe it is because this is the doing of my country, done in the name of freedom, done in the name of the American people and our war on terror. Done in my name. This execution was done in my name. That may be why I am taking it so personally.


Ronni said...

I got a bit of a chill about that, too. Sadness, and a touch of fear at what may have been unleashed by that act.

Fire Berry said...


You're not alone in that feeling Marsha. I was sad as well.

It's a good, strong compassionate person who brings hope to the world by feeling that way about a man who has committed such crimes.

If more of us were louder and came together more often, I do believe we could actually save the world.

No kidding.